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A single child raised by a single parent (my mom). 

Started literally traveling from my childhood, I was raised by my relatives (my mom is an OFW). Sometimes I stay in Laguna, sometimes in Zambales but most of the time in Manila, then permanently reside in Cavite. 

Studied in a Barangay Kindergarten and  Chinese Elementary School – both in Manila, in a Public Elementary & High school – both in Cavite, and lastly finish my Baccalaureate Degree in a government university in Sta. Mesa Manila.

A working student later part of my college day not for the lack of money but to attain experience in actual which lasted for a month (our office along Timog) and the other one lasted for 3 months (in Commonwealth project).

An average student and graduated after six long years in college.

Worked in a plumbing company after graduate, thanks to Tito Phey (my husband’s Uncle) for offering me the job, and worked for 3 different sites in more than 3 months. After deciding for my financial and career growth, I grab the opportunity for another job offer.

Worked from 2008 to present in a General Contractor company, and my current Project Manager offered this job in 2008.  I finished a condominium project in Makati (One Rockwell project) as Cad Operator turned Architectural Supervisor and transfer here in our current project (One Shangri-la Place project) as a TSG Manager.

A registered and licensed Architect in 2010

A workaholic, and I get excited in meetings and presentation especially concerns with Design Issue (not a war freak okey! I think I love debating that’s all). This keeps me alive from a hellish work load.

Worked Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm (sometimes with overtime) and Saturday from 7:00am to 4:00pm

An opportunity grabber especially when holidays strike my calendar. I’m not achiever in Complete Attendance and will never be. I sometimes enjoy my leaves (SL or VL) for my wanderlust.  And this is my only time to soar high and enjoy my freedom traveling around; enjoying the sun, sand & sunburn; and ascending mountain peaks in our country.  This is my elixir, my restoration point, my power-charger…. Until reality knocks again and life return to a mind blowing work schedule.

Member of a freelance outdoor group: KIT-ONE (meaning saKIT ng kataWAN / but change WAN to ONE to be one or united)

Married to Jay-r Romero in 2012, in-a-relationship with him for almost 9 years before we married. I had my wedding proposal in Mt Apo’s peak, my engagement session in Mt Maculot & Mt Manalmon and a Church ceremony near Mt Batulao. 

Expectant mother from November 2013 and will due on July 2014.

¤ ¤ ¤

This will serves as my personal account to the world I encountered with, to the experience befalls me, and to the life abundance of love and friendship.


9 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for taking an interest in my blog! I have some relationship with the filipino community so I can really relate to a lot of your posts. Can’t wait to visit that beautiful country.

    Cheers! — Benny

  2. Hello Dianaruth,

    A pleasant day to you.

    I will be launching s2kd by the end of April. Primarily it will be a collection of personal stories of travel in the Philippines. The basic idea is for people to share the excitement of going places and at the same time offer useful information to would-be wanderers.

    In connection with this I am requesting your permission to allow me to republish in full (text and images) your blog post at


    As usual, full credits along with a link back to your article will accompany the republished content.

    A preview of s2kd is available at http://s2kd.blogspot.com/

    Hoping for your approval.

    Ronald Alcazar

    • Thank you for sharing the joy of traveling and exploring the Philippines 🙂

      And yes, you may use the article 🙂 and thank you for asking 🙂

      Again thank you for dropping-by and reading some blog post of mine. Hope you enjoy reading other related-travel and mountain climbing post too 🙂

  3. hi maam diana,aries here
    manager of freedom surf school baler,maraming maraming slamat sa pag appreciate ng aming services here…and mali pla ung fanpage ng freedom,ndi @yahoo.com un,www.facebook/freedomsurschoolbaler un.hehe…and we are planning to have a permanent address,sa secret spot baler na kmi,hope we’ll see you there soon,,..Godbless

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