Batulao 2013

Yearly, I climbed Mt Batulao.  I fell in love with Batulao the first time I climb it and definitely my favorite mountain. We did Old to New trail in 2009 and I always recall the greenery of its scene and the freshness of its atmosphere while seating in the grass portion in the Camp site of the Old Trail facing the other side of the mountain. Ah! that’s life! And yes! Don’t change the mountain; let the mountain change you – the all time favorite quote. And it did. The mountain teaches me to appreciate life and the journey it gives to everyone who take its trail. A few seconds or minutes in top of its summit erase all the muscle pain. All over again, you’re in top of your own little world shouting I’m the king/queen of the world (mainstream act).  For me, I prefer the standing at the edge act and stretching both hands like waiting for a hug from the creator above – an expression of giving all the glory to the Father Above for seeing, feeling & enjoying his creations.

2009 – Old to New trail with Chad, Kyle, Daryll, Karen & Rochelle.
2009 – (Night Trek) New to Old trail with Daryll, Eros, Badz & Jr
2009 – (Night Trek) New to Old trail with Daryll
2010 – No climb due to licensure exam in PRC
2011 – New to Old trail with Jhe
2012 – New to Old trail with Jhe & his colleague from SYKES
2013 – New to Old trail with Jhe & his colleague from SMART

Let’s go back to my latest experience with Batulao

Mar 2, 2013

At first I was so dismayed of the sight that welcomes me – burned Batulao. A resident mentioned that a lot owner burned his lot in preparation of planting kamote. Accidentally burn up Mt. Batulao. I can still recall the first time I saw Batulao and can’t help to compare its present status. It’s so disheartening.

Well, we continue our climb from New trail to Summit to Old trail. Again a gloomy feeling as I watch the burned portion in the Old Trail campsite, the same place I saw how beautiful Mt Batulao the first time I visit it. In this campsite another demoralizing view catch my attention, a signed board “dito ang basura”. So the caretaker permits the climber to leave their trash instead leave nothing but footprints as the saying goes. Climber must be responsible enough to carry their own trash to help preserving the environment.

Anyway, I still enjoy my climb because of the company I have – my husband’s colleague from SMART. They are funny and full of jokes. I like their supervisor too. All the hardship and obstacle… he conquers it. He wore the crocs sandals. He climbed it by his hands and his butt not mentioning a hole in his short. He loves the rappelling part descending from summit via Old trail and request that descending is as easy as rappelling. He fell in love with his ‘tungkod’ and brings it home as a token of surviving the climb. We stop by every store – not all but most of it. We enjoyed the food because of him. We stop by for Halo-halo, Mountain Dew, Buko, Mountain Dew again, Buko juice, Halo-halo again and lastly Goto with egg along the trail. He complains for a minute and swears not to climb again; and then express that the next time he will surely prepare (like buying shorts and shoes, minimizing the content of his bag…etc) for the next climb. I just smile because he contradicts what he says. But happy because there will be a next time for him and for the group. We started by 9:00 am and ended by 6:00 pm in the wash-up area.

Three children talk to me while I wait for my turn in the wash-up area. They ask so many questions and chat for a while. They’re friendly; and hate that I have to go to the wash-up area and stop our chatting. You will surely love to have a chat with them. And they give me hope regarding the burned portion of the mountain, after 3-5 weeks green grass will grow again and it’s the best time as they says – the most beautiful sight of greenery. Hoping to see it by my own eyes soon…

Nevertheless, if you happen to climb Batulao, even though you don’t need a guide, kindly spare a little of your money and let them guide you – the children I mean. They need the money they earn for their study and their family. It’s their way of earning for a living. One way to help them for their future is not bad, right?!

By 7:00 pm we were waiting for a bus in Evercrest. We were surprised because the road is literally Zero Visibility due to heavy fog. The first time I experience a real Zero Visibility. Finally, we ride a bus and it’s a total knock down for all of us. A tiring and worthy climb.

Bucket list for life
To climb Batulao yearly



From bus drop-off (Evercrest), start walking


Mt. Batulao “black edition”



Enjoying rest


Halo-halo for P25












Akala ko 5 years na hehe… 4 lang pala (2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013)


Pamatid gutom – Lugaw with Egg


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