My pregnancy journal – Wish List (part 1)

March 12, 2014

I’m torn between having a Baby Shower or not. Yes, I want to experience having my “first” in all possible way and since this is my first pregnancy, I want to enjoy it with my love ones and friends. But the problem is BUDGET. There are so many things to prepare and the expenses are inevitable. So being practical, I rather spend this to my “first” BABY THINGS.

And to my surprise, after canvassing the price of what I really NEED (excluded what I WANT)… I’m broke after this 😛

So please indulge me if I post my WISH LIST and if someone is very generous, you may lend me some… lol!

baby shower 01

Available in All SM Department Store 😛


2 thoughts on “My pregnancy journal – Wish List (part 1)

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