My Pregnancy Journal – CAS & Gender Reveal

March 29, 2014

My OB-gyne refer me to Virgilio Castro, M.D, FPSUOG (OB-GYN SONOLOGIST) of UST for CAS & Gender Reveal.

CAS – Congenital Anomaly Scan

We arrived 9:00 am in UST and wait for one hour, upon arrival of Dr Virgilio. While waiting I ate a chocolate wafer – most of the saying goes… when you eat chocolate your baby will be active while having the ultrasound. And for me it’s TRUE, I saw her doing her little moves and kicks.

First, I have to pee to clear my bladder. Then lie on the bed while they pour this jelly thing in my tummy before doing the ultrasound. There is a separate monitor that is so wide for me to see what’s happening inside me. My husband took video of the whole scenario.

Here are the photos.

ultra- 001

Note: a little typo error in my birth year. But all the details are correct.

ultra- 002

ultra- 003

Inclusive of 4D Real time view =)

it cost me P965 for the CAS procedure + P520 for the Professional fee = P1,485

Dr. Virgilio is very nice and accommodating to all our questions. I’m so glad with the result.

By the way, the Gender of my baby is GIRL =)


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