My pregnancy journal – Breastfeeding Seminar

March 8, 2014

I attended the Prenatal Yoga & Workshops organized by The Manila Workshops Team.


Prenatal Workshop & Yoga

Topic: Breastfeeding

Speaker: Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumas, Pediatrician, Lactation Specialist





Breastfeeding position
1. Cross cradle hold
2. Football hold
3. Cradle hold
4. Side-lying

1. Tummy to tummy
2. Nose to nipple (entice the baby with the smell of milk, and when the baby open his/her mouth wide open then give the nipple)
3. Baby’s ear, shoulder & hip should be aligned
4. Sandwich hold
5. Stroke the nipple from nose to chin rolling out the lower lip
6. Bring the baby to breast, not breast to baby



*Breastfeed is a must every morning & evening
2 to 3 times for the first 24 hours
8 to 12 times for 24 hours feeding for the next 3 days

Bring home your baby (Yellow & Seedy Milk)
1. 6 wet diapers
2. 2-3 stools
3. 20/30g/ day weight gain
4. Follow up checkup after 2-3 days (discharge from the hospital)

Size & Volume of new born stomach


* Always remember the Law of Supply & Demand for the breast-milk production

Useful resources:
1. Lactmed: National library of medicine database

1. Mamachows – lactation cookie etc.


2. Cycles – mild laundry detergents
Cradles – baby bottle & nipple cleanser; toy & surface cleaner
Cycles sensitive – body wash, body lotion, diaper cream, insect repellant, anti-mosquito patches


3. Beginnings – baby clothing


4. Moringana – pure malunggay leaf capsule

5. MD Moms – baby toiletries


6. Medelamoms, inc – breast pumps etc

7. Stemford – cord banking

Tips for Mamachows
Produce milk for breastfeeding
1. Breast-milk production begis with the low of supply and demand
2. Increase intake of expanding foods (vegetables, soup, shells, fruits, water)
3. Refrain from consuming chocolates, sweet and salty foods
4. Before and after feeding drink at least 2 glasses of water
5. Start where you ended. Start feeding with your right. After offer the left breast. On youe second feeding, offer the same breast were you ended. In this case it’s the left breast. This way your breast will be empty and will signal your brains to produce more milk.
6. Refrain from drinking tea and coffee
7. When away from baby pump every 2 hours

Will it be painful to breast milk? No, if you do it right.

I hope =)
I’m glad to attend this seminar; it uplifts me and gives hope. Hoping for the best breastfeeding journey with my upcoming baby.


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