My Pregnancy Journal – Shopping for Baby Things (Part 1)

After months of waiting, finally we purchased our FIRST Baby clothes —> Sleep Sack Swaddle (from 1,550 to 1,400 pesos in one of our Birthing Class guest). We opt for neutral color (even though I love to buy pink clothes for my baby girl) to maximize its use for the next baby =P We are […]

My Pregnancy Journal – CAS & Gender Reveal

March 29, 2014 My OB-gyne refer me to Virgilio Castro, M.D, FPSUOG (OB-GYN SONOLOGIST) of UST for CAS & Gender Reveal. CAS – Congenital Anomaly Scan We arrived 9:00 am in UST and wait for one hour, upon arrival of Dr Virgilio. While waiting I ate a chocolate wafer – most of the saying goes… […]

My pregnancy journal – Labor & Pain Management

March 22, 2014 I attended the Prenatal Yoga & Workshops organized by The Manila Workshops Team (part 2). Prenatal Workshop & Yoga Topic: Labor & Pain Management Speaker: Dr. Marie Claire Rodil-Brion, OB-gyne Credit: Photos from fb/manilaworkshops PART 1 What to expect during Labor & Delivery Important! 1. Due date 2. Born before or after day/weeks […]

My pregnancy journal – Prenatal Yoga (part 1)

Before, I’ve been dying to try YOGA… but since I have limited time due to my workload, it all falls to PLANNING/DREAMING mode. Anyway, thank you to Manila Workshop for having a Prenatal Seminars with Yoga for 800/session or 3,000 for all 4 session/seminar. See My Pregnancy Journal – Second trimester / Breastfeeding March 8, […]

My pregnancy journal – Breastfeeding Seminar

March 8, 2014 I attended the Prenatal Yoga & Workshops organized by The Manila Workshops Team. Prenatal Workshop & Yoga Topic: Breastfeeding Speaker: Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumas, Pediatrician, Lactation Specialist Notes: Breastfeeding position 1. Cross cradle hold 2. Football hold 3. Cradle hold 4. Side-lying Remember: 1. Tummy to tummy 2. Nose to nipple (entice […]

My Pregnancy Journal – Third Trimester

My Pregnancy Journal – Third Trimester <29-40 weeks> to do: 1. 3d/4d Ultrasound √ / Gender reveal  √ 2. Maternity photo shoot √ 3. Buy baby things √ 4. Attend Birthing Class √ 5. Prenatal Massage / Spa √ 6. Baby Shower √ May 1, 2014 Thyroid Blood Tests @ UST – due to severe constipation […]