Coron – June 5 (day 7)

Wake up, prepare for island tour, breakfast with Kuang along the way while going to Buho travel and tours. As we wait for our pick-up (tricycle) we buy snacks and water for the tour. Then we proceed to the pier near the market. We thought we were lucky that we will proceed even though we […]

El Nido to Coron – June 4 (day 6)

By 6:00 am we’re starting to prepare for our schedule 7:30 am departure going to Coron. We stay our goodbye’s to “tita”, York & Chris. We also buy some ensaymada as breakfast and baon as well. Then walk towards the pier before 7:00 am. The terminal fee is 20 pesos per pax The Jessabel Reminder […]

El Nido – June 3 (day 5)

Wake up early again due to scheduled power off. And we have reserve an island tour C with “tita” – the owner of the lodging house, yesterday after island tour A by 9:00 am. We prefer to eat proper breakfast at Skyline like tocilog since we experienced being hungry during the previous tour. And buy […]

El Nido – June 2 (day 4)

Wake up early due to power off schedule… well its hot what else reason for waking up early… like six o’clock in the morning. Also, we informed “tita” – the owner of the lodging house, yesterday for our Island Tour A and we will be pick-up by nine o’clock am. We walk toward the market, […]

Puerto Princesa to El Nido – June 1 (day 3)

We wake up early, wash-up, have a coffee (not me) and bread, pack things and leave by 6:30 am. The van going to El Nido is leaving by 7:00 am and we travel not more than 10 minutes to the terminal. We try Eulen Joy Shuttle to El Nido for 500 pesos each A stop-over […]

Puerto Princesa – May 31 (day 2)

We wake up 6:00 am as we plan to jog within the vicinity. We jog/walk up to town proper looking for the Jollibee which we saw the signage 2.6 km away from us. We regret not eating our breakfast before we left, and since we’re too tired to come back home and we don’t have […]