Wedding preparation – Venue

Our goal:  to be wed in 12Dec12.

Month of January & February, we started to canvass for wedding suppliers through internet.

  • We set our budget for hundred thousand pesos. (We are too happy to travel and not to focus on saving money, so we end up in a tight budget).
  • We prefer small celebration with family, friends and colleague. 100 pax

At first, we try to prepare a budget for wedding in my hometown – Iba Zambales, which is 6 hours drive from manila.

–          As tradition, the wedding will be held in the hometown of the bride

–          Sidetrip to the beach for our guest

–          Consider the number of guest (family of the bride and the neighborhood) is too much if the budget is limited

–          Available suppliers, out-of-town charges

11Mar12 we reserved San Agustin Church for 12Dec12 and ask for wedding requirements. Afterward, we scout for reception venue and accommodation for special guest.

1. White Sand Beach – one of our relatives resort. It’s affordable (discounted) for me but we have to look for a better & bigger place.

2. Herra Beach Resort – a little bit expensive because an entrance fee is required. The space for reception is small.

3. Ti-umoc Beach Resort – Spacious open space, I already visualize the location of tent, chair & tables, the buffet area etc. We negotiate for the rate and come up to two options
a. Reception venue + Catering + Tents + chairs & table + decoration + sound system + accommodation = 70k +
b. Reception venue (100/head entrance fee) + accommodation = 33k

In result, we realized that our budget is not enough – we cannot control the quantity of guest if the venue is either Iba Zambales (dian) or Pampanga (jhe).

Plan B. Olongapo/Subic – between Iba Zambales and Pampanga. 3 hours drive from Manila

–          Beach wedding 😀

–          Available suppliers, out-of-town charges

I searched Maranatha Events for only 85k (Light Complete Package). 100k in addition to upgrade in buffet type at photo albums. complete-wedding-package-php85000-00/

Plan C. Morong Bataan. 2-3 hours drive from Manila

–          Another beach wedding location

–          Out of budget, kasi 1,200++ per head with minimum 100 pax (Bataan White Corals Beach Resort)

–          Available suppliers, out-of-town charges

Plan D. Tagaytay 2-3 hours drive from Manila

–          Garden wedding/Church wedding

–          Available suppliers, out-of-town charges

–          Sidetrip to Tagaytay – picnic groove, mt. taal, etc.

Honestly, I fell in love with Chapel on the Hill (when we scout for ceremony venue). Even though our plan date is not available, we adjusted it to 13Dec12.

By 6June12, we reserved Chapel on the Hill. And we started searching for available wedding suppliers.


Planning is the key to make your dream come true. However, you must be prepared for backup plans because life is not perfect.  There are circumstances that you need to managed and endure. And God present a better plan.


2 thoughts on “Wedding preparation – Venue

    • Hi Cath, nag reply ako sayo with my personal email. 2012 pa kasi at malayo na yung pricing ngayon ng mga wedding package. best option is to attend BRIDAL Fairs. Thank you. Dian

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