My pregnancy journal – Stupid things I cried about when I was pregnant

I never cry during my first trimester even when we went to UST Emergency room due to spotting, but I was so scared that I chilled within my bones and can’t stop my knees from wiggling.

Except for watching sad movies and teleserye… you know! I’m just a human…

I remember crying once (for now) a few weeks ago because of a very petty action from my husband… after having a spotting, my husband joined me in my daily bath (which is good because we maximize our time and preparation before we go to work instead of waiting one at a time for bath time). And this time, the weather is so hot that I choose not to prepare a hot water instead I used the shower (a little bit cold for my taste). He teased me and poured me COLD water from the stagnant water in the pail. And that’s it… I cried! I was scared that I’ll experience difficulty in breathing and very nervous for my baby. Haha… stupid me, crying will makes breathing difficult more. He silence me by hugging me and laughing about this.

What’s your story?


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