El Nido – June 3 (day 5)

Wake up early again due to scheduled power off. And we have reserve an island tour C with “tita” – the owner of the lodging house, yesterday after island tour A by 9:00 am. We prefer to eat proper breakfast at Skyline like tocilog since we experienced being hungry during the previous tour. And buy […]

El Nido – June 2 (day 4)

Wake up early due to power off schedule… well its hot what else reason for waking up early… like six o’clock in the morning. Also, we informed “tita” – the owner of the lodging house, yesterday for our Island Tour A and we will be pick-up by nine o’clock am. We walk toward the market, […]

KIT-ONE and friends

After writing a post “Are you a mountaineer?” I was inspired of writing this story and tell the world how I loved my climb buddies and the people I meet along the trail. To start… well KIT-ONE was founded March 2009 (at first we were Team Rockwell but change it to KIT-ONE). We were 7 […]

God’s intervene ~ new Friends

We are lucky to found new friends along the way… in our journey… in our travels… especially when we were bound and intertwine for a reason. This goes my story meeting new friends in Sagada. Upon arrival of Ohayami bus in Banaue, we planned to hire tricycle for our Banaue viewpoint/s trip. We walk and […]