My pregnancy journal – Birthing Class by Chiqui Brosas

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Day 1: Introduction, Common Complaints, Warning Signs, How to stay healthy, Anatomy, Terms & Definitions, Cardinal Movements, Pregnancy Exercises



~ Our Class ~

Day 2: Nutrition, Goody bag, Birth Plan, SOP’s on Hospital Procedures for Mother & Newborn, Role of Coach


Day 3: Drugs & Medication, Tests & Interventions, Cesarean, Stages of Labor, Breathing & Relaxation, Comfort Measures



Day 4: Postpartum, the New born, Panic Routine, Positions in Labor, Massages, Breathing, Awarding of Certificates & pot luck celebration!


~ Group Picture ~

Our VENUE for APRIL class: 11 Annapolis Wilshire Plaza, Annapolis St. (nearer EDSA side) San Juan, Metro Manila – Unit 1101

TIME: 2:00 – 5:00 pm

DATES: April 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2014

THINGS TO BRING: Exercise mat or beach towel, 2 bed pillows & your class manual (provided by Chiqui) in every class, ball point/pen, paper for taking down notes, snacks & drinks for yourselves.

WEAR: Casual comfy clothes, for the ladies: pants, leggings, shorts or long lose dress, close neck blouse ( so breasts do not show when you bend over for the exercises) . Prepare to seat on the floor.

FEE: 4,900 php


5 thoughts on “My pregnancy journal – Birthing Class by Chiqui Brosas

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  4. Hi do you still have CHIQUIS BIRTH CLASS contact number to inquire?, i tried to search them and got the number but no response yet, no idea if they still using that number that i have or maybe they changed it already…

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