My pregnancy journal – Labor & Pain Management

March 22, 2014

I attended the Prenatal Yoga & Workshops organized by The Manila Workshops Team (part 2).


Prenatal Workshop & Yoga

Topic: Labor & Pain Management

Speaker: Dr. Marie Claire Rodil-Brion, OB-gyne

Credit: Photos from fb/manilaworkshops





PART 1 What to expect during Labor & Delivery

1. Due date
2. Born before or after day/weeks of Due date
3. First trimester ultrasound is more accurate

How does the patient know she is in labor?
Labor is a series of uterine contractions that open the cervix for birth

Signs of Labor
1. Lightening – head of the baby has engaged
2. Bloody show – discharge of small amount of blood tinge mucus/ impending onset of labor, cervix starting to open
3. Uterine hardening – comes at regular interval which (3 to 5 minutes) gradually shorten/ Intensity gradually increase
4. Vaginal discharge – bloody show/ watery discharge

Important reminders
1. Regular uterine contractions
2. watery vaginal discharge
3. decreased fetal movement

Position (photo credit)
1. Vertex
2. Breach
3. Transverse

Obstetrical Pelvic Exam
0 – closed
10 cm – Complete

0 – thick
100% – Fully effaced

Fecal Heart Rate
Bradycardia < 110 bpm Tachycardia > 170 bpm

Vaginal Delivery depends on
1. Forces of Labor – natural or augmented
2. Passenger – size of baby, position, well-being, fetal distress
3. Passageway – pelvic bone of mother, cervical dilatation

Stages of Labor
1st stage – onset of labor to full dilation
2nd stage – deliver
3rd stage – placenta
4th stage – 1st hour after delivery

PART 2 Pain Relief options in Labor & Delivery

Different types of Anesthesia

The truth is, nanglata ako while listening to this topic… literally, I’m scared of blood & needles. I’ll entrust everything to OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN and to my OB-gyne…


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