My pregnancy journal – Prenatal Yoga (part 1)

Before, I’ve been dying to try YOGA… but since I have limited time due to my workload, it all falls to PLANNING/DREAMING mode. Anyway, thank you to Manila Workshop for having a Prenatal Seminars with Yoga for 800/session or 3,000 for all 4 session/seminar.

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March 8, 2014 my very first attempt of YOGA intended for pregnant women =)

Credit: Photos from fb/manilaworkshops









Some pose are difficult because of our BUMP… but the outcome is great! Before, I’m active with running/ walking/ mountain climbing & surfing but since I’m having a maselan na pagbubuntis… my actions are very limited. After all those months, my muscles & veins are stretched =)

urban ashram manila

DROP IN (Just dropping-in, passing through or curious about our classes?) – 600
NEW-TO-YOGA (Get the best value for money trial pass. Try once, twice or as many times over within 15-days) – 1,500
FLEXI PASS (Not ready to commit to a regular practice but want to get the best deal available?) – 4,800
1 MONTH UNLIMITED (For those who practice at least 3x a week or more) – 4,700

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

Keeps the body strong and fit while having a safe practice.
Promotes general health of mother and baby.
Alleviates common discomforts that arise during pregnancy, such as: heartburn, morning sickness, lower back pain, sciatica, insomnia, etc.
Enables you to access a state of relaxation.
Provides emotional support.
Good preparation for birth.
Mom and baby bonding.
Get to know more women who are going through the same experience.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

Regaining physical strength, core stability, pelvic floor muscle tone.
Regain good posture after pregnancy.
Prevents and alleviates incontinence, weak lower back and other symptoms common to mothers.
Reconnect with your body, having a feeling of owning your body again.
Provides emotional support.
Allows for relaxation to restore the body.
Learn active relaxation techniques for interacting with your baby from a relaxed space.
Enjoy meditation practices to calm the mind.
Nurtures the mom and baby connection.


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