My pregnancy journal – Stupid things I cried about when I was pregnant

I never cry during my first trimester even when we went to UST Emergency room due to spotting, but I was so scared that I chilled within my bones and can’t stop my knees from wiggling. Except for watching sad movies and teleserye… you know! I’m just a human… I remember crying once (for now) […]

My pregnancy journal – Preparing a Baby Shower

I’m torn if I’ll have my baby shower or not because of limited budget as we saves for my upcoming child birth. But thinking it many times, I figure out that having a baby shower will save me from buying baby clothes and things she needs when she delivered. And I will enjoy this moment […]

My Pregnancy Journal – Beat the Summer Heat

As per GMA televised “Highest temperature of 2014 (so far) recorded Friday, Mar 28 in Metro Manila – PAGASA’s weather station in Science Garden, Quezon City.” 35.7 degrees Celsius was recorded before 2 p.m. on Friday. However, due to the humidity, the temperature felt—or the heat index—reached up to 37.3 degrees Celsius. And the question […]