My Pregnancy Journal – First Trimester

My Pregnancy Journal – First Trimester <1-13 weeks>

November 26, 2013

I’ve been feeling sick lately and some are in line with Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Spotting & cramping √
  2. Breast changes √
  3. Fatigue √
  4. Nausea (morning sickness) √
  5. Missed period √
  6. Frequent urination √
  7. Constipation √
  8. Mood swings √√√
  9. Head ache and back pain √
  10. Dizziness and fainting √

Today is my first attempt of using Pregnancy Test (PT), since lately I’m feeling sick and I try not to take medication except for my back pain therapy. After a few minutes, nothing happen to the PT then I asked my husband to try the other PT (and of course using my urine). Again nothing happen. We strictly follow the procedure then my husband drop another until a line forms — POSITIVE!


Yay! I’m pregnant. I’m surprise of course because we are planning to have a baby by next year after our booked travel (Malaysia-Singapore; Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam). Anyway, it’s a BLESSING!

Join me with my 9 months journey of being Pregnant 🙂

November 2013

Since I’m excited and want to learn more about being pregnant and prepare for the 9 months journey… I bought a book 🙂


December 3, 2013

My first check up with my Ob-gyne (Dra. Erlinda Lansañgan of San Fernandino Hospital). She prescribe some Vitamin B (1-6-12) & Folic Acid and ask me to drink milk like Anmum or Enfa Mama. By next month, I’ll have my schedule for an ultrasound 🙂

And gave me my Prenatal Record Book


December 2013

1. Suddenly, I hate the smell and taste of Garlic & Onion but I love chili pepper in my everyday dipping sauce

2. I don’t know about morning sickness and I seldom feel having Nausea. I started being late to go to work again since we have to eat Breakfast before I arrived in the office, or else I might feel depressed with the routine breakfast available in our canteen – cornbeef, hotdog, egg, that’s all.

3. I do have Nausea sometimes

4. and vomit every time I can’t restrain myself from smelling unpleasant smell – like strong perfume, garlic, onion, smell of public toilet, smell of food court…

5. I can’t remember having an urge with the food I want to eat ~ cravings, but when I see someone eating his/her food deliciously, I want to have a taste of it!

6. My husband is very attentive to my needs 🙂

7. Christmas & New Year break means — Eat breakfast, Sleep, Eat again after 2 hours, then sleep again, Eat Lunch then sleep and wake up after 2 hours for my merienda, then wait until dinner. Yah! I’ve done it for 3-4 days and it’s tiring, lols! And to my surprise when we have our monthly weigh-in I only gain 0.5 pounds.

8. I love K-pop flavor buffalo wings (SM Megamall) & Barney’s Bacon BBQ Burger (SM Pampanga & Sta Cruz Lubao branch)



January 2014 

Last Christmas, I bought 3 pairs of Jeggings so that it’s more comfortable for me to work instead of wearing jeans. And I wear leggings and loose shirt for casual and dress for events. This pregnancy surely change my fashion 😛


January 2, 2013

Back to work!!!

January 3, 2013

I feel lazy going to work but I hate staying at home because it will be 3x boring. So I’d rather go to work late than sleep all day 😛

January 6, 2013 My First Ultrasound

We (me & my husband) have mixed emotions; we’re excited and nervous with what will be the result of the ultrasound. We will be honest that there are so many things that worry us… however the joy of meeting our “baby” for the first time outweighs other emotions.

Transvaginal scan (TVS) for first trimester – – – > Information from babycenter


A TVS in early pregnancy will be used to:
– Date your pregnancy if you are not sure about the first day of your last menstrual cycle
– Detect your baby’s heartbeat
– Look at the yolk sac, amniotic fluid and for bleeding around the gestational sac.
– Rule out an ectopic pregnancy
– Evaluate the reason for any spotting or bleeding

How should I prepare for a TVS?

You will need an empty bladder (CHECK!) for this scan because a full bladder can get in the way of a clear picture of your baby. A nurse will ask you to use the restroom while you are waiting for your scan. You will also need to undress from the waist down for a TVS. During the scan, the nurse will cover your legs with a sheet.

You might feel uncomfortable at the idea of a TVS but the more you relax (it’s awkward, but when you see the baby, you will focus on the monitor and not on the “thing” between your legs 😛), the easier it will be for the nurse or doctor to insert the probe. If your muscles are tense, it can be anything from uncomfortable to painful. Try taking in deep breaths when the probe is being inserted to help you relax.

What can the doctor see during TVS?

10th-12th week: The growing embryo will start looking more like a baby now. The head, body and limbs are more obvious now than before. A TVS is usually not required during this particular period, however, there are instances when it is still performed. Measurements of the baby are taken from the head to the bottom of the spine. Dating is usually done in this period in mothers who are unsure of their last menstrual period dates.




So, I’m officially 12 weeks and 5 days Pregnant 🙂

January 8, 2013

Can’t help but I have a gassy stomach… a little embarrassing but I can’t help it

Having this “metallic taste” a real problem! I’m having difficulties in choosing what to eat and sometimes after eating i chew some candy or gum with mint flavor to limit the unwanted taste, but what ever I do.. this “metallic taste” won’t go away

January 18, 2013

Check-up with my OB last Saturday. She prescribe OB max & Caltrate plus. Minimize sodium intake. Also, I have to put a pillow under my butt since ‘mababa ang matris ko’ every time I’m lying down.

January 22, 2013

I submitted my SSS Maternity notification together with my Ultrasound as evidence to our HR dept 🙂
and will follow it up before my Leave of Absence.

Checklist for Maternity Claim from SSS website

sss - maternity claim checklist

See next post for my Second Trimester 😀

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