Daily Prompt: Exhale

Daily Prompt: Exhale
Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us SAFETY.

A recap of my Mt Makiling Traverse Climb in 2012

Not so good incident
– Pass over our designated drop-off, exert effort to return again (from riding bus to jeep)
– Negotiate with the tricycle that sometimes offer overpriced fare
– On-the-spot inquiring for guide
– The “guide” with side trip to his house to pick up his things before ascending the mountain which is already kilometer away from the designated trail. Then afterwards, returned to the trail and start trek.

Worse incident
– Our guide prefer different trail which is what we call “buwis-buhay trail” or life-threatening trail. In addition to the presence of wild boar traps, the slope inclined up to 55 degree literally. We were crawling to the unstable stone and dirt. And stones were rolling from our touch which is very unsafe to all of us. We cannot turn our back since its much worse to try to go back than to continue climbing upward.
– We were divided to two groups since we were trying to scout for a way to our safety, some stay on the left side and the others on the right side. And as I lead the left side and the boys are busy assisting the girls behind, I accidentally slide as the rocks gave in. Half of my body is literally hanging in the air. My belly is the only support I have since it is pressed on the stone (which left me scratches afterwards). While my index and middle finger is trying its hold on the tip of the rock within my reach.

I was so shocked, my body trembles with fear and I know that I can’t hold on. But the realization of my soon-to-be-husband is behind; I can’t find my voice to scream for help. I know if I started to panic… everyone will feel the same way. The worst maybe is… everyone will start to fall or slide, since they will focus to help me without knowing their own safety.

I took a deep breathe. Inhale then Exhale. And the realization of death is fast approaching… I accepted my fate. I always believed that I’ll die whenever and wherever… so maybe, this is the time. I realize not to call attention from others and at least try my best to hold on.

The first person I thought that time was my husband to be, next are my friends who are trying their best to climb and finish this trail with me. The horror of losing me in this climb will be unbearable to everyone. If they will saw me rolling down, they will panic and most of the boys will try to catch up with me then everyone will be sliding and rolling up to the bottom. We will be having more casualties.

Again, I took a deep breath and pray to Our Creator my fate and the fate of my friends. Suddenly I knew everything will be ok… that this is not my end.

One of our member saw me and help me, he climb in his best effort to catch up with my very limited time, he help me positioning my cramping hands. And then he tried to pull me upward. Without him, maybe… I’m a goner.

I thank God for giving me another chance to live and Joval for helping and saving me.

We continue our trek (the event happen only within ¼ of the whole climb) and conquer this mountain.


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