KIT-ONE and friends

Can’t stop reminisce this part of my life… and aching to climb again with you guys!

Dianaruth's Journal

After writing a post “Are you a mountaineer?” I was inspired of writing this story and tell the world how I loved my climb buddies and the people I meet along the trail.

To start… well KIT-ONE was founded March 2009 (at first we were Team Rockwell but change it to KIT-ONE). We were 7 from different company building one project – the One Rockwell Project in Makati.

The originals
Donald “Patrek or Direk” Belleza
Kyle “Kyla (for me) or Maida (daw)” Del Rosario
Diana Ruth “Yannah” Rostrata (now married to Jay-r Romero)
Ludette “Ludy” Banez

Rochelle “Chel” Bondad
Karen Mae “Ren” Enriquez

From JVF
Daryll “Ryl” Masing

Friends and members
Salvador “Badz” Abalos – JVF
Eros Castro – DATEM
Rolando Pulgo Jr – DATEM
Edgenson Ballaran – DATEM
Jay-r “Jhe” Romero – Dian’s boyfriend turned husband
Carlito “Pong”

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