Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster
Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Dear Traveler,

I hate you!

Sorry for being straight forward… But I hate you for living a life I wished I have. You know what… you travel as if you don’t have any responsibility about your family and the people around you – you travel freely, you travel by your own. You travel as if you have unlimited resources as if you won in a lotto contest that you don’t even care about wasting it in your wanderlust, as if you don’t need to work for a living. You travel thinking only of yourself and the adventure that will welcome you every day.

Oh… how I hate you…

I hate thinking of your journey, of the people you’ve met, the culture you’ve learned, the food you’ve taste and the sceneries awakes your soul.

But still I’m looking and reading your travel blog. Still I’m craving for what’s next… and hoping that one day… I’m the one standing at your shoes.

And before I end this “hate” letter, I wish you well and safe trip/s because I will wait for your next post…

Sincerely yours,


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