Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes
Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.


Never say Goodbye

As I open my eyes to the darkness of my room and turned off the alarm, “my daily routine” strikes again!

Take a bath, dress up and leave the house. Walk towards the pedestrian overpass; wait for the FX or jeepney going to Shaw Blvd, travel, walk towards our project site, ride the Man hoist going to our field office, time in, buy something to eat for breakfast, start work… Ahhh! my daily morning routine. But to my surprise, while walking after being dropped off by the FX, I pick up a folded paper along the way. It doesn’t look like a trash so the first thing I thought was someone might slip it and maybe it’s an important document due to the texture of the paper – satin & scented. I open and read it.

It says…

Diana… you won’t believe it but this is meant for you.  I predict your future and today will be your last day. By fate you will leave this world and end your life before nine o’clock in the evening. What will you do?
Sincerely yours,

At first, I was shocked, if this is a prank or genuine, anyway how did he/she know my name … Then I though…
what if this is REAL?

I will leave this life anyway, so I have to do what I have to do… today! And accept my fate. My life will never be the same again… no more daily routine…

I continue walking towards our office but didn’t stop me from worrying my few hours left. If this is a joke, nothing will lose but if its real… everything will lose if I will not do anything.

Once I arrived in the office, I can’t helped to be teary-eyed. My office mates is like my second family. I looked them one by one as if memorizing their faces… their expression and their smiles. I don’t want to tell them what’s going on… not that I care if they laugh about it but I won’t share my worries that in the end will burden them too. I hugged my closest friends as if that’s my last hug…well it is…  joking them that I love the way I hug them… like a stress ball that ease all my anxiety. And I love them and thank them for being my friend in a silly way. I made a call to my other closest friends that were designated in other places. Short call as if asking them how they do and how I missed them.

I deal this day as if nothing worries me… work, lunch, work, chill time with my closest friends and work. And when the day ends… no goodbyes…

This will be enough for me, at least in my simple way, and I hope, I let them know that I cared for them and I loved them.

I walked towards the jeepney loading area and travel back home. When I arrived, my mom is cooking our dinner. I change my clothes and watch the news while waiting for my husband to arrive.

I prayed a short prayer to the creator – Our Father Above and thanking him for having few hours for me to say goodbye to the people I love. And ask for forgiveness for all my wrong doing and hoping that I will stay with him in heaven. And thanking him again for the life I live in and the people who loved me and I loved.

The doorbell ring and as I opened the door, I welcomed my husband with a kiss, hug and a big smile. He changed his clothes while I prepare the table for dinner. We eat together (me, my mom & my husband) while watching the TV. After meal, I cleaned the table and washed the dishes (occasionally) and put my arms to my mom shoulder as if embracing her and tell her I love her and thank her for being my mother (which I haven’t done). She was shocked and looked at me… saying I love you too ‘nak (anak ~ child/ daughter). And I smile and climb to second floor to reach our bedroom. And saw my husband in his usual form, doing his emails while at home. I place myself in his side and take his shoulder as a pillow while hugging him. “I love you” is all I can say… my heart is breaking and if I continue talking I can’t stop myself from crying and that’s for sure. He smiled at me and reply with his I love you then kiss me on my forehead then continue with his emails while hugging me with his left hand. I closed my eyes… thinking what kind of accident will happen and wishing that not as worst as scattering my blood all over our bed cover. One last deep breathe and I hugged him tight… I won’t tell him anything… how selfish of me…

I fall into the depth of my sleep and never wake up.


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