Daily Prompt: Never Again

Daily Prompt: Never Again
Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

□ Wearing high heels during my grade school teach me not to wear high heels ever again, and yes, I’ll never do that again!

The story goes like this… at grade 5; I already fancied 3’’ high heels with strap and shade of gold. I’m soooo girly I know 🙂

But an incident alters my perspective in life.  While I’m walking from home going to our school, a man was walking in front of me; I don’t mind at all and continue. Suddenly he stops as if his waiting for someone, and yes, his waiting for me – his victim. He grabbed me on the neck, pointing a small knife in my skin and whispering in ear and telling me not to scream. How would I? I’m sooo scared and shocked. He pulled my necklace which was a gift from my mother and run away from me. The first thing I remember was I’m running to catch him and shouting that the man is a snatcher. No one helped me; I can’t even run fast because of my damn high heel sandals. Next thing I knew, I was walking back home, holding my sandals with a blood in my neck.

So I’ll never wear a high heel sandals and necklace ever again (except for a formal occasion *wink).


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