Baler Part 2

Baler Part 2
August 10-11, 2013

See my first post for option like Baler Day Tour + Surfing lesson in 2 days
Baler Trip 2013
Baler Itinerary & Budget
Bay’s Inn Baler
Baler’s Tour
Baler’s Surfing Lesson

The Preparation:  Eat-Surf-Eat-Surf-Eat-Sleep (day 1) Eat-Surf-Back to Manila (day 2)

Since I thought its peak season because of the long weekend vacation/holiday, we opt to have a reservation with Joy Bus. I called them Aug 8 (thu) and the available seat is Aug 10 (sat – 2:30am).

1. Joy Bus by Genesis Cubao Terminal (for reservation)
Call (02) 709-0545 / (02) 709-0544 / (02) 441-6834
Schedule: 11:30PM
Travel Time: 4 hrs and 30 mins
Price: 700 Pesos

2. Genesis regular A/C bus
First come first serve basis (get a number from the guard to reserve you a seat upon arrival in the terminal)
Schedule: 11:30PM, 12:00PM
Travel Time: 6 hrs
Price: 450 Pesos

We decided to try walk-in for accommodation since Bay’s Inn is already occupied (our previous lodge).
Call +639189266697 or +639089823509
Accept call reservation and inquiries from 8am to 5pm

August 10, 2013

12:30 am meeting time at Genesis Cubao Terminal, and since we arrived early and an ordinary A/C is available we cancelled our trip with Joy Bus. Try to compare is you prefer budget: 700php against 450php.
We depart Cubao by 1:30am and arrived in Baler almost 8:00am.

Per pax budget, others divided by 3

Day 1
450 – Bus to Baler
15 – Trike to Sabang beach, to look for accommodation
267 – Overnight stay in Elaine MM Lodge Inn, good for 4 pax with balcony facing the beach (800php for the room)
170 – Buffet breakfast at Hungry Surfer/Bay’s Inn
20 – Mineral water while surfing
100 – Lunch at Baler Surfer Grill (a Volkswagen turned grilling station)
550 – 1hr surfing lesson + 4hrs board rental with Freedom Surf School (discounted since the original price is 350 for the surfing lesson + 400 halfday board rental = 750php)
12 – Trike to Museo de Baler (closed), walk towards Quezon House (closed)
12 – Trike to Gerry Shans for early Buffet dinner
185 – Gerry Shans buffet meal
40 – Green mango shakes
Salonpas & Mineral water
0 – Walk back to Sabang beach, chillax mode at the beach

Day 2
170 – Buffet breakfast at Hungry Surfer/Bay’s Inn
50 – 1hr board rental (me and Pong shared 1 surf board. Original price is 200/hr)(100 pong, 50 dian =150)
15 – Trike to Pasalubong Center near Bus Terminal
90 – Coconut and Banana chips
250 – Key chain (pair keychain slippers)
Merienda c/o Pong (burger and Buko shake)
247 – Aurora Bus going to Cabanatuan
Snacks (chips) at the bus c/o jhe
56 – Meal at Cabanatuan Bus terminal eatery (112 divided by 2)
185 – ES transport bus going to Cubao

Total of 2,544 php + 340 php for souvenirs


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