El Nido – June 2 (day 4)

Wake up early due to power off schedule… well its hot what else reason for waking up early… like six o’clock in the morning. Also, we informed “tita” – the owner of the lodging house, yesterday for our Island Tour A and we will be pick-up by nine o’clock am.

We walk toward the market, buy bread (pandesal & ensaymada) for our tipid-mode breakfast and baon for the tour and water too. Afterwards we return to the lodge to prepare our stuff and wait. We hang over the common resting area (w/ enough wifi signal but sad to say, power is off during 6:00 am- 4:00 pm) and wait for less than 2 hours 🙂



A guy from the El Bacuit tour arrived and instructs us to walk directly towards the beach where their shop is located. We also have two foreign companions staying with the same lodge joining the tour – they are German, York & Chris.

Upon arrival, we were request to sit for a while as we wait for the others. We register and informed us that the payment is after the tour. In addition to the 700 pesos per pax tour we add 100 pesos each for the snorkel gear rental.

Before boarding the boat, we also pay for the environmental fee of 200 per person.

Island Tour A starts

  1. 7 comando
  2. Small lagoon
  3. Semizu island beach (change to Payong Payong beach)
  4. Secret lagoon
  5. Big lagoon











Lunch time at Payong payong beach




meeting new friends from Germany
York & Chris




End of tour. Back to town proper and find our way back home 😛


Drop by to buy snack (foot long sandwich cost 55 pesos each & another bottle of mineral water) before heading to the lodge to wash up.

Dinner at Skyline, back to lodge then sleep. End of day 4



Day 4 of 8 days Getaway

for trip preparation

for itinerary & budget


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