Puerto Princesa to El Nido – June 1 (day 3)

We wake up early, wash-up, have a coffee (not me) and bread, pack things and leave by 6:30 am. The van going to El Nido is leaving by 7:00 am and we travel not more than 10 minutes to the terminal.

We try Eulen Joy Shuttle to El Nido for 500 pesos each




A stop-over at Fort Wally for brunch – mid breakfast and lunch


We arrived finally in El Nido

I didn’t reserve any accommodation since I want to try to search only when we arrive within the vicinity – just like what backpackers do… I think?! Or not! Anyway, before we arrived in El Nido, Jhe’s cousin who work within Palawan tourist agency already called his called friend to reserve us a room in Lualhati cottage for 500 pesos (as per plan) – fan room good for 2 pax with private bath, as plan B if plan A (on-the-spot looking for lodge) fails.  When we arrived in the terminal, I call for Tandikan – my preference since it is located in beach front and the rate I saw was 500 pesos too. But to my dismay, that rate was year 2011 and the updated rate is 1,000 pesos for the standard room. That’s out of the budget!

So my so-called adventure in looking accommodation was cut short due to the tiring road trip. We decided not to look around but to directly proceed to Lualhati… so much for my plan adventure… nevertheless, we decided again to stay for one night then look somewhere else.

Lualhati Cottage


The very first accommodation you’ll see. A restaurant is adjacent to it – Linegueb.

Our room is attached with 3 other rooms completing one cottage… and I think they have 3 or more, sorry! I didn’t try to roam around their compound. Anyway, our room is very simple and contains a bed good for two pax, a window, a fan attached to the wall and a toilet & bath (with shower).

My personal opinion:

  1. (+) 500 pesos room with private toilet in El Nido – ok. We have a tight budget
  2. (-/+) The smell is like a wood that is wet and stayed in the closed room for a whole day – which can be tolerable
  3. (-/+) The wood floor with a hole near the toilet – oh no! The cockroach may enter coming from here, but thanks to the rag which I place to it 😛
  4. (-) No garbage can inside
  5. (-/+) With side table but not enough to carry our bags so I borrow the chair in the common veranda and put it inside our room 🙂
  6. (-) No cover for the water closet
  7. (+) The bed sheets are newly replace – I hope
  8. (-) There a leftover shampoo and soap in the toilet (w/ hair… eew!)
  9. (+) free use of towel
  10. (+) The owner which I call “tita” since I haven’t asked her name (I forgot) is nice and accommodating.


  1.  There is no power in El Nido (those who don’t have a generator of their own) from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. In the lighter side, you will wake up early 🙂 because of the absence of power. And you will be out of your room the whole day as you explore island tours and be back by night.
  2. Bring an extension – we experience in our room that it only have one power outlet with two socket. The other one is used by the electric fan so there will be only one spare for you… if you mind sacrificing for the fan for the sake of charging your low battery camera’s and phone. Better bring an extension 🙂

After leaving our bag, we explore the small town and look for an eatery.





It’s very hot in the afternoon and worst there are no available electric fan (I haven’t check for air conditioned restaurant, I remember I haven’t seen any). So we try Gallego’s grill and seafood restaurant.

While waiting for or order, a commotion was happening in the street. Well, a shooting was happening – foreigners not local artist. They also post a wanted poster with 2,500 euro reward. I thought they will dispose it after their scene but they left it – is that good or bad?




Actually, we meet some local (in one of our island tour) mentioning the poster.  We can’t help but correct them and inform them regarding the scene.

After we finished our late lunch, we returned to Lualhati to rest. But sad to say, Jhe didn’t rest at all, his boss and colleague’s calling him regarding their project, until he was required to find a computer shop for some editing works (he’s a programmer in Smart Telecom).  I’m disappointed and I stayed in the lodge. The time says its already 5:00 pm, and to cool up I went for a quick shower and follow him in the computer shop. I didn’t enter the shop and proceed to adjacent souvenir shop to buy what… of course souvenirs 😛

After he finished his work mode status, we head back to the lodge for him to freshen up before we go to dinner again in Gallego 🙂

Back to lodge. Sleep. End of Day 3

Day 3 of 8 days Getaway

for trip preparation

for itinerary & budget

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