Puerto Princesa – May 31 (day 2)

We wake up 6:00 am as we plan to jog within the vicinity. We jog/walk up to town proper looking for the Jollibee which we saw the signage 2.6 km away from us. We regret not eating our breakfast before we left, and since we’re too tired to come back home and we don’t have smaller bill than 1,000 pesos on-hand; we push through looking for the fast food.  So we jog/walk 7.6 km away from home to eat… haha! Then we proceed to the Market since we plan to cook lunch (buttered garlic spicy shrimp).


After buying the supplies we ride the multicab for 10 pesos each, and then walk back to Romero’s residence. We ate again our brunch (mid breakfast and lunch) then take a nap. Jhe cooked his special dish while I sleep hehe 🙂

We eat our lunch at 2:00 pm

After we finish bathing, and staying with uncle Ed, we plan to go to skybox for snack – my favorite burger in town 😛


And we were lucky that his uncle’s motorbike is present and Jhe know how to drive it. Our very first time to ride a motorbike together… isn’t it sweet 🙂

Eat burger at Skybox



Drive to town for an ATM machine

Drive to New Market where we canvass for trip going to El Nido and verify their schedule

Drive to Robinson’s mall to buy Jhe’s medicine for allergy.

Drive back home. Dinner then proceed to a nearby computer shop to print Autie Sesing’s plane ticket (she add 20 kg baggage). Back home then sleep. End of day 2

Day 2 of 8 days Getaway

for trip preparation

for itinerary & budget


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