Puerto Princesa – May 30, 2013 (day 1)

Our main objective in this tour is to visit my husband’s uncle – who is currently bedridden. I’ve been attached to him since the first time we arrived in Palawan 2 years ago. He’s the first person who welcomes me like a family, made me feel I’m already belonged to their family (even though my status that time is Jhe’s girlfriend). We might not communicate but the affection I have towards him is very special that I tag him as my favorite uncle in my husband’s family.

So when we heard the news that he got stroke again, we patiently wait for an airfare promo in January 2013 after completing our wedding ceremony in December 2012. We booked for end of May to early June – with 3 intents: (1) to recover from the wedding expenses – to prepare a budget for travel also; (2) my mid-year bonus within May – additional budget; (3) end of Summer’s peak season (meaning less expensive accommodations, etc.) and hoping that rainy season will start late.

We will visit Jhe’s uncle then proceed to El Nido finally to Coron where we booked are return trip to Manila. Hitting two birds in one stone is our concept for this tour: (1) to visit and (2) to explore El Nido for the first time and Coron – Jhe’s first time.

We booked our flight on May 30 – 7:40 pm (change to 6:40 pm) to Puerto Princesa so that we still have a half day work (for final instructions), and June 3 back to Manila – but this was supersede since 4 days is not enough especially the travel time from Puerto Princesa to El Nido (6 hrs) and El Nido to Coron (7-8 hrs). We booked another return trip for June 6 and in effect I’m absent for almost one week – luckily, my boss approved my vacation leave… thank you sir 🙂

One Month Before

Jhe’s working mode is doubled, he also work in Saturday which is his rest day, he arrived always late at night… it’s a hell month for him literally!

Two Weeks Before

Jhe’s working mode is consistent for a month now.

I’m preparing notes and summary for my subordinates.

One Week Before

We visualize the outcome of this tour – like picturing ourselves in a white beach under the sun wearing white clothes… ah! You’ll only see that in TV commercials describing the meaning of paradise. So we decided to buy white clothes 😛

One Day Before


I was surprise that I almost packed my bag in half – not overload it which always happens, as in HALF!

Hmmm… I’m trying to compress my stuff and do what most backpackers do… but still I’m still in the process of that anyway 🙂

Anyway, I remember Jhe’s telling me “yan lang dadalhin mo? 7 days tayo dun, sigurado ka?!” (is that’s all your stuff? we will be staying their for 7 days?!) and I smile and nodded “yes! backpacking nga eh..” So, I hope it make you realize/visualize the changes in my backpacking attitude… for now 😛

Contents: 1 jacket, 1 long sleeve & 2 pants – body warmer/fleece texture, 3 shirts, 4 short-shorts in fabric, 1 maong short (will use for inland travel), 1 leggings and 1 soft fabric pants, 3 set of swimsuit :P, undies, socks and towel. Toiletries, slipper and my back support.

For hand carry shoulder bag: documents like itinerary & plane tickets, wallets, cameras, chargers, shades, powder & lip balm.

We also bring an extension – in preparation of charging lots of camera & cellphone at night. Which I RECOMMENDED you to bring one.  In El Nido, our room consist only one power outlet with two socket (1 for the electric fan and the other for your need) and we will charge 2 cell phone and 2 camera, lucky us we’re prepared.  Same in our Coron lodge.

The Day – May 30

We went to work and leave the office by 12:00 and wait for Jhe in Megamall for a late lunch before heading home. Jhe’s final moments backpacking (as always). Then we left by 3:00 pm since the traffic is worst from Manila to Airport.

We arrived before 4:00 pm


and have a snack in Cinnabon then wait in the boarding area.


Manila to Puerto Princesa



PAL Express provide free coffee/water, biscuit (rebisco) & peanuts (sugo)… really?! it’s my first time to experience it even though I boarded Air Phil Express for a few times (Air Phil Express change to PAL Express). Is this always happen or when they cause only delay?


Manila is a Gateway to hell from Dan Brown’s description. Maybe he saw this view… but hell no! it only shows the beauty of Manila at night after sunset.

We arrived at the airport late (almost 45 mins), and hire tricycle going to Romero Residence.

Greetings/small chat then late dinner end our first day in Palawan. I almost cry when I saw Uncle Eddie in his bed.

I pray that he get well soon…

Day 1 of 8 days Getaway

for trip preparation

for itinerary & budget

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