My Wedding BUDGET

I remember the time when I do the canvassing for my own wedding… Stress with the capital S!

At first we set our budget to 100k then along the way it turned out 200k and more just before the wedding day.

And it’s so hard to prepare a budget if you are not familiar with the things you need during preparation, the day itself and afterwards.

So here’s mine! I hope it might help 🙂





5 thoughts on “My Wedding BUDGET

    • 98% YES 🙂
      and the rest, minor issues like
      Reception (accommodation after the event @ Beatriz Garden) – conflict with other reserved couples, but luckily we are the first to use the room and they transferred to other room
      Flowers – not on the set-up at church, but the entourage flowers are great

  1. Hi. I would also like to consider freshmind as my photographer but are they aslo good in the hair and make-up area? Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi! I’m sorry for the late reply.. been busy with my work. I jope aabot po yung reply ko..again, I apologize 🙂
      Yes! they are good with their hair and make up, sobrang satisfied ako with the outcome 😀
      Congrats and Best wishes sa wedding mo… Remember to enjoy the day!

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