I’m standing within a line, following a row of people in front and side. Suddenly, a guy from the front row was possessed by a bad spirit, screaming with so much hatred or pain, then another one on the middle, but this time it’s different, he’s shouting names I can’t recall… all of a sudden, all the people within that area disappear. It turned blank as if nothing happen and I stand alone for a minute, I immediately ran away from that area until I reached a door and ran inside it… to hide. As you enter the main door, a double deck bed will greet you as if it’s a studio type unit. The bed looks like our double deck bed in our apartment – same green color. You’ll never notice the wall or celling paint color nor if there is a shade used in the window; the only thing you’ll grasp is the bed and nothing else.

Next thing I know is I got abducted together with another girl. The feeling of being restrained without your free will is my exact emotions. Then I looked at her face – it is blurred or my eyes are blurred, literally blur without any outline for eyes, nose and lips… which is which?! I don’t know and I’m not sure what’s really happening… Am I dreaming or this is real. Then I saw something in the corner, I can’t recall its figure but I know how scared I am seeing it. Too scared that we put ourselves (me & the other girl) in the corner of the bed, crouching, and everything turns blurred again… maybe we passed out.

Time passed, I assume weeks or maybe months, until we have our time to escape from our abductor. He forgets to lock the door, and we run without looking back.

Then I saw myself looking for clothes in my drawer to pack since I’m running away from something I can’t comprehend. It’s the same cabinet, the bed and the room… I remember staying here years ago – my bedroom in Cavite. {Recap. I’ve been avoiding returning in this house since I graduated from College. That was 4 years ago. Actually since college, I sometime skip coming home for weekend. The atmosphere is very heavy that it burdens me. And these past few years, family problems occur due to this house. This house is owned by my mother yet the land title was named to her sister since she was working abroad when they bought the house and lot. A never ending quarrel for both of them… until now. If you asked me I prefer not to reside on that house, ever! }

Then I wake up… having a BAD DREAM is not my cup of tea. I still feel the chills inside me as if I’m really scared with my unidentified abductor, as if I’m still running away. It’s not a normal human that I know for sure, but the rest I cannot recall…

Then I continue my sleep as I hugged my husband beside me. Feeling his arms protecting me erase all my worry.   

Again, I’m with a group of people, I don’t know if I recall correct or I add a glimpse of my fantasy since everyone is head-over-heels over me. Eyes keep staring at me as I walk in a corridor that looks like inside a university. To stop anyone who will come for me, I head toward a friend of mine and ask him to have lunch with me. We walk up to the parking, there a vehicle is waiting for us, and I can’t recall its type, but it is loaded with a few relatives and people I really don’t know. Anyway we ride that vehicle and proceed in a restaurant with too many stairs in the façade. I remember carrying a baby (1-2 years of age) while I walk towards the dining area. Then we slide I mean I slip together with the baby. The moment when my feet slide and my body full by the gravity is too focus as if I’m watching a slow Mo movie. I turned my back to hit the hard floor while hugging the baby in front of me. At least the baby is safe.

And suddenly I wake up from my second dream. And quickly head to the bathroom since it’s already quarter to six, late enough for me to waste another minute for my departure to the office.

Anyway, I don’t know why I dream too much or maybe because I’m eating too much rice (carbohydrates) for 2 consecutive days now. There is nothing different from my daily routine except again for eating too much rice.

If there is someone who can read dreams… maybe you could shed a light for me?

The first dream is not the first time actually except for the last part (me looking for clothes blah blah blah). I have the feeling that I recall dreaming about it sometime in my life. Maybe there is a wider meaning behind it.  I want/need to know.


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