Potipot Getaway

Being a construction worker/staff/personnel is stressful, especially when you’re loaded with tons of paper work, coordination meetings every minute and plan reviews in addition to supervisions of subordinates as well.

So out of the blue, I asked Jen ( a friend and office mate) if she’s willing to have a quick getaway. Our options are Baler in Aurora and Potipot Island in Zambales.

We ended up in Potipot Island and Jen prepared the itineraries and budget.

Saturday. <absent. Sorry need to manage our Stress or we will end up lying in a Hospital for weeks>

We meet in Victory Liner Terminal in Caloocan and ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz Zambales.

We reached the drop-off and walk towards the beach then we inquire for a boat ride going to the island.

Our plan is to set up tent to save on our accommodation expense. Also, we brought foods and cook set too.

We roam around the island then enjoy swimming. Have dinner and early sleep (dead tired from transpo & the weather suddenly change – rain pours heavy on that night).




We wake up not too early. Prepare our bruch (breakfast and lunch in one meal) then swim again.







After we wash-up and since we are still full in our bruch meal and too early for our departure, we take a short nap. Ah! Life!!!



Then we clean up our things and wait for our boat to pick up us.



This ends our short yet refreshing getaway.

Embarrassing moment

Saturday night, since we’re camping and the water source is from a Poso/Water Pump were we bathe after swimming and dish washing after dinner. I can’t remember exactly our intentions when we asked help in a kubo near us… maybe were asking to divide the soap into two (sorry can’t remember) but that’s the nearest reason since I remember something being divided by a knife.

So the story goes like this… after the scene in the kubo, we proceed to the Poso to wash our dishes and wash ourselves too. We arrived and saw an empty gallon of mineral water and use it as a bucket. When we were finished, we carried the gallon together with our dishes in our tent and happy that we will reuse it again tomorrow in our bathing. We sleep early since we’re tired for almost 6 hours ride from Manila to Zambales and the rain pours.

Sunday morning, we enjoy swim then prepare our bruch meal. We walk toward to the poso and wash the plates. A group of teenager yell “yung tabo po namin…” after we finished washing the dishes and walk towards our tent. Hey! There is no name on that empty gallon so how come they will tell us it’s theirs. And it’s alone near the water pump (common use to all guest of the Island) so we think that somebody left it and will not use it again… period! We continue walking towards our tent and did not give attention to the youths.

Next when we’re heading toward the docks we have to pass through their kubo and not so far poso. Another shout coming from them for asking for their tabo… we laugh about it since we don’t know what to do. (A)It’s embarrassing to return it and admit that we took it; or (B) maybe the teens are making fun of us; or (C) we continue walking towards the dock. We prefer the later. And we left the empty gallon in its proper location – TRASH CAN.

That’s the story of “yung tabo po naming….!!!!” and Potipot 🙂

Another story to be continue: Jen and the borrowed Lighter

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