Batulao 2011

I love Batulao that’s for sure!

So whenever I have the opportunity to climb, Batulao will always be on my lists.

Anyway, I mention already in my previous blog for Batulao that I aim to climb it yearly. 

So here’s my account for 2011.

It’s Jhe’s first Batulao climb 🙂
By the way, Jhe is my boyfriend for 9 years turned husband in 2012 🙂
And this is our first couple climb (without our friends from KIT-ONE).

From Pasay we ride a bus bound to Nasugbu via Olivares. We arrived in Evercrest Golf course and walk towards the mountain. Everywhere is walking distance you know! 😛 . Along the village, we hire our guide (not because we don’t know the trail but to help them at least in our simplest way. The money goes to their family or sometimes their allowance in school – I’ve learned it directly from the children since they love to talk sometimes).  We start our trek, stopover in our guide’s kubo for a quick rest and continue ascend (New Trail) up to the summit. We ate our lunch after we descend the summit (Old Trail) and continue descending until we reach their kubo again. And now we enjoy our Halo-halo.







Descend from the summit


Ahhh! I LOVE Batulao!





Afterwards we continue our descend up to Evercrest and wash-up (stores and sometimes private house offers bath for P10-20), We started 10am-3:30pm with the stopovers.  We sidetrip to Radar we’re we eat Bulalo and a sightseeing of the famous Mt Taal crater before heading back home.


Till next time… Batulao 🙂


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