Holy week 2009 – Impromptu Trip (part 1)

Holy week 2009

This is what you call a spur-of-the-moment journey!
Holy week equals long vacation

The story behind:

After patiently waiting that the half day work is over and individually packed their things and goes to their destinations, I ended up in our apartment with emptiness inside my soul?! No… maybe just an emotion, I thought. Anyway, my plan is to stay my vacation in my hometown in Cavite doing nothing. Yeah! That’s right, doing nothing and that should be the reason of the emptiness inside me.

Then I texted a friend of mine for her plans and asked if I could stay for a day before hitting home. She replied yes, so I immediately pack some clothes good for one day. We meet up in Cubao where we will ride a FX going to Montalban. She also invited some of her colleagues of a night of drinking session.

Manila – Montalban, Rizal





The next day, our plan is to go home with hangover. But we decided to take a swim in Wawa Dam a few kilometers away. So I borrow a short & t-shirt then we hit the road. One jeepney ride then we arrived in our destination and start our short trek towards the Dam. We enjoyed the water, riding Balsa and the food prepared by Ryl’s dad.

Montalban, Rizal = Wawa Dam getaway

















Afterwards we returned to their house and wash-up. The plan is to go with our separates destinations, for me go home to Cavite. While we departed and saying our goodbyes and nonstop waving of hands to each other (Ryl will be left behind), Ryl immediately asked if she could come with me and stay for a day. I smiled back at her and asked her to bring some clothes.

Montalban, rizal – Dasmariñas, Cavite

The other guy with a scheduled swimming with his friend separated with us. The three of us continue our journey. From Montalban to Cubao; Cubao by Bus to Dasmariñas, Cavite Bayan; from Bayan by jeep to Area C where we reside. We arrived late, eat and sleep afterwards.

Early morning, we have our discussions where to go next. The options are:
Batangas and visit a friend of ours (Ronnie)
Pangasinan and visit another friend of ours and a colleague of Ryl (Badz)

Ryl texted Badz our idea of visiting him and he replied in a positive manner. They exchange text for the directions. After breakfast we hit the road again. Area C by jeep to Highway (bus stop); Bus to Cubao where we ride another Bus to Dagupan; from Dagupan by jeep to Badz house

Dasmariñas, Cavite – Pangasinan

Impromptu Itinerary:

Wednesday – Montalban, Rizal
Thursday – Montalban – Wawa Dam – Dasmariñas Cavite
Friday – Pangasinan
Saturday – Pangasinan – Hundred Islands
Sunday – Pangasinan – Manaoag – Back to Manila


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