Daily Prompt: Imperfection

Daily Prompt: Imperfection
Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

Questions without Answer

A child’s teasing, mocking, insulting, questioning, laughing…. voices ringing in my head. This is my childhood days and my nightmare.

I was born with a cleft lips or harelip – an imperfection that marks my life.

I grew-up questioning why of all people I was chosen with this inborn defect. Questioned that was never answered, until now. And when you’re young, hatred grew up inside you of your environment and situation. In addition to living alone and away with your single parent (mom – since she’s working outside the country) during your teenage days. Try to grasp reality with the families taking care of you for a while. Well that’s another story. I have to focus with my physical imperfection first.

To continue, Hatred poisoned me for a moment and I can’t even remember when was the first time I stop hating myself and the people around me. Well, living independently during those years put you in a situation that you have to deal it on your own. Eventually, I stop hating myself. I received all the insults and offenses. And I learned to listen from one ear then pass it to the other just like a wind passed by and caress your face for a fleeting moment. I even stop hating those narrow-minded people. And I learned not to be judgmental to others in return.

People who verbally mock me stop eventually too. I don’t care about their thoughts since I can’t hear or see it. And it stops when I entered my high school days (12 yrs old maybe). A relief of course!

Then I started living like a normal person, without flaws, but in the end of the day, reality bites. Which is the hardest part, you act normal and then someone will remind you of what you are, a slap on your face. Nevertheless this imperfection teaches me to be strong and accept what’s life for me. I may not cherish it, but I accept it in the long run. And adapt life befalls me.

Question have their own answer, but in the meantime, I’ll just wait for the perfect time.

Thanks to the Daily Prompt. It opened me, again. It may cause me pain as I recall my past but it challenge me to be free from that past. I already accepted it and will never be reluctant about it anymore. And I won’t mind telling the world of my imperfections for they don’t own me. For an imperfect like me needs a perfect God.


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