Reminiscing my high school days (uhmm… Part 1)

I was touched by Daily Prompt: Alma Mater challenge, and sent me back to my high school days.

But first, a short recap of my elementary days. What are my unforgettable moments? (draft and rearranged by category)

1. I remember playing patintero (in a grid drawn on the ground where one team will try to pass through while the opposing team tries to catch them without leaving the grid’s lines at all times – from, and be popular by playing this. Other children named me Dhalsim from Street fighter, since they thought my hands stretch as far as I can reach them.
2. Playing high jump and Chinese garter.
3. Playing hide and seek, when nobody found me, I came out running because I’m afraid of the place where I hide (stock room).
4. Playing sipa or kick in an open field. Try to catch a tin of metal with string attached to it and kick until no one catches it. End of the game.

1. I remember I waited outside the gate, waiting for a dear friend of mine. My best friend in that age (6 or 7). I recall doing it many times, and the worst part is… I never see him again.
2. Those days are my worst, since children tells the truth. And by mocking me with my cleft-lips… my life turns miserably. Truth hurts you know. There’s no way to defend it. Thank God it stops when I enter high school. Or it stops verbally. World will never run out with judgmental people.
3. I remember fighting bigger boys to defend my younger cousin which by the way is also a boy.
4. Having a crush in a younger age
5. My best friend – Janice Chavez
6. I remember my pain when I have to transfer to another school. Leaving my classmates, my crush and my best friend behind. Now I know that leaving someone you love is just as painful as waiting for someone who never returns again. At least, we separated with goodbyes; somehow lessen my guilt for leaving them.
7. Meet new friends in my new school. And again, others tease me, what else is new.
8. My uncle always bring our “Baon” or meal so we don’t need to walk back home. It stops when he accidentally died. And my cousin’s life turns upside down. Life will never be the same again for him.

1. I remember joining in a singing contest and I froze and forget the first few lines. Me excuse was… playing the minus-one tape is wrong, so I have to sing it again 🙂
Then I never ever join singing contest again.
2. I loved our school library. Love all the children books and even borrow it for a day or week.
3. I remember the punishment and the pain by my teacher every time I fail in our Chinese lesson (a tin wood/bamboo stick will hit your both hands, in a position like you’re asking for it). That’s why I never learned it… except for my name 🙂
4. Every weekend, me and my cousin will be locked up in our condominium unit, to be safe that’s what our auntie says. Safe from what? Going outside, play with other children, getting hit by an accident… being lockup have its good and bad consequences though. I for being reserved I guess. For wanting to be free… (That’s why, I love travelling nowadays).
5. My first and last medal – 2nd honor in my fifth grade

For the mean time, I have to pause for a break. My emotions are out of control. Getting emotional here…
Anyway, I’ll try to continue…and hopefully finish this post. Till then…

Note: the photo attached few years back, when I joined and assist in a Sunday School.
Also, I took all the courage to write it down, so when my memory fails me many of years from now… this thing will remind me of my younger years.

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