My thoughts about FindingBiki

First of all, I’m not connected to Biki, by blood or by relationship.  But I’m a family in my point of view as well since we both climb mountains. I don’t know if this thought of mine will help or worsen the situation, but I can’t help myself, to be silent is like hiding your emotions and later on you will regret that you never say a word. And I don’t welcome regrets in my life so I have to spill it out.

A news break caught my full attention… a mountaineer is missing during Easter Sunday.

My 1st reaction: My hearts cries for Biki also known as Victor Joel Ayson, 27 years old

Being lost for days is tough thanks to 127 hours movie. But seriously, I can’t imagine how hard it is for Biki. And every time I think of his situation… being lost, starving, dehydrated, in pain…  I can’t render my emotions. My heart cries for him, as I cry to our creator that somebody find him alive somehow. Again, we’re not related by blood, we didn’t meet also in any climbs (vaguely, I can’t recall all the people I met during climbs), but if you ask me one thing today in exchange for a million, I want him alive and go back home. But that’s not easy… and will never be that easy.

Seeing his photos, his photography, his friends messages, he is a good man. And you can’t let a good man disappeared like that. Unknown and uncertain to what really happen.

Thinking about him, his families lost, and the mountaineering community’s lost… breaks my heart in a way I can’t even reason out. I share their pain, their lost, and their hope to see him alive. Period.

2nd: Questions, lots actually. What, Where and Why it happened.

After his climb in Mt. guiting-guiting (a real tough climb), he went to Mt. Maculot for an early climb, a solo climb for that matter. I will not judge him for climbing solo; I myself have the courage to climb Mt Maculot if given by a chance – but normally I climb mountain with my husband, so no luck for me. Mt Maculot is the easiest trail for newbies in climbing mountains. And God only knows what happen to Biki and ended up missing.

No judgments; no rants; and accidents happen accidentally but for a reason and HE (our creator) only knows why.

3rd: Alarmed, when I learned that it happened in Mt Maculot Cuenca, Batangas

Is it safe to climb? Specific thought of my mother, when she immediately texted me after watching it in a news, I pose a while, and think about it myself, is it safe to climb? For my point of view, if it’s your time, no matter how prepared you are, no matter how secured you are, it’s your time! The only certain in this world – no certain things in life. So if you asked me if it is safe to climb mountains, I’ll ask you back, is it safe to ride motorcycle or a car (every day headlines are road related accidents), or walking in the sidewalk (caused by road related accidents), or sleeping (caused by heart-attack or bangungot/ nightmare). It’s all the same.

So climbing mountains is a matter of having the courage to face what lies beyond your control. That’s why every time we climb, before and after, we pray and asked HIS (our creator) guidance and protection, because you don’t know what will happen to you next. You willingly give it up to him, because you know that HE have plans for you, and you let HIM take control.

Still afraid of climbing mountain? Then it’s not your path, accept it. And try something else.

4th: Do you know the feeling when you want to help and yet you have nothing – no time, no budget, and no knowledge or skills. You might feel useless, in this kind of situation.

It’s a matter of life, as we hope to rescue Biki and not death. So knowledge is necessary in this search and rescue operation, knowledge in the equipment’s that will be needed to execute what is required. So if you don’t know any of this… will you still go? I don’t know the answer, because this is my own personal insecurities.  But I would like to suggest somehow, lending a hand no matter what kind of help you offer still counts and will counts. So if you have the budget and time (which I don’t have by this time), please go and help the team.

For me, and the rest who are similar with my situation, we offer our prayers. And encouragement to Biki’s family. Praying earnestly to find Biki and save him.

And for the rescuers and volunteers, we salute you! For being there, for not giving up, and please do not give up….

Last: scared for Biki, for his family and love ones, for the mountaineering community… and the impact of this incident

Lost is always scary, thats for sure. Words are not enough to console someone who lost their love ones. And yet, I would like to give my sincere support and love to Biki and Biki’s family and friends.

To our community, we will face our lost again. But have been united by this event. And will be united for the next year of our lives. We shared support and lend our strength to each other. I personally thank each and every one for showing camaraderie and being a family at the same time. I’m proud and will always be proud for of being a mountaineer.

Note: my reason for this post is to encourage and give hope, my simplest way to help since I can’t be present in the area. Any comments or feedback for me to revise any part of this post is welcome. I don’t wish to offend anyone. I hope and I pray to find Biki. You may also link via twitter #FindingBiki for updates. Your prayers count.

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