Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater
You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

Never Alone

Alma is standing within the crowd, wearing same white Toga and a Cap. She’s having mixed emotions of the whole thing. Leaving high school and her friends makes her cry but facing the future overwhelms her at the same time.

Yes, she’s leaving her friends. She will spend her college days in Manila, lucky her for passing entrance exam to a respected university. She knows that her time will be limited and she cannot promise it to her friends, so she now claimed that she will leave them behind in exchange of her study.

Teary eyes she looked at her friends, no words coming from her mouth. Next she turns her attention to the guest speaker, she listen to…

To all the graduates, proud parents and accomplished teachers and staffs, congratulations!
Today is your graduation day, after long four years of studying here in our School, you are now free to explore the outside world… and face the reality of life! You are now free to choose what you desire most… entering college and choosing a career path for yourself or otherwise. But take note that this freedom has its own consequences. You have grown-up and yet you should consider asking your parents thoughts also. Parents know the best that’s for sure.

Don’t be afraid to try, to fail or to get hurt not only once but countless times. These things will teach you how to be strong and independent enough to withstand all obstacles in life. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, for in the end you will never face regrets. And don’t be afraid to open your eyes and appreciate life, for this will be your inspiration to continue living a life.

Four years passed by, so fast that we wished it never happen. We may recall our first step, our first hello, our first friend, our favorite teacher… and so on. And we will cherish this unforgettable moments we had. We will be grateful for the things we’ve learned from our teachers and friends as well. We will be proud of our accomplishments like winning in a dance contest, winning in sports, joining lyre and bands parade, engaging in the CAT as  an officer, etc. We are now free to leave but we will never forget all the lessons and experiences the makes us who we are now.

Graduates, you will surely face uncertainty in life, but never quit… never ever quit. This school in not only an institution… but a family. And remember that your teachers are not only the person who teach you… in what, trigonometry, English or Filipino subjects… but they are your second parents too. Your friends for all these years will also lend you a hand in case you need it. If life fails you once, remember that there is always a second chance. They will be there to back you up in addition to your family. You will never be alone in facing this challenges.

Again, be proud that you graduated today, and have the courage to face your future. Congratulations to all of us!

Alma is speechless; she thought that the speaker reads her mind. She is afraid but the words give her hope. She looks around her, she looked at her friend, and her classmates… they were crying too. They were afraid just like her. But the words give them encouragement to face their new life. She will never be alone…

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