Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

Piece of paper

My entry to Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

First it challenges me to be a creative, not only by making up story but especially by producing my “1000 words” photograph. Actually I have no time (as to date) to explore outside nor the interest to take photograph. I love photos but I’m not the kind of person working behind it. So I searched for my entry photo in my drive D 😀


Here goes my story.

The office’s air con dueling with the temperature, vast of light from the fluorescent wakening sleepy eyes and a table load of papers – an ordinary day. Reports, Letters, Memos, Queries, Drawing submittals, Reviews, Supervisions, Meetings are monotonous. A drained brain is expected after. Exhausted muscle from long hours of inactive position in front of the computer. Back pain from slouching and red eyes fixed to a monitor. Who will appreciate life from this side of the world?

A quick break in surrender to your snarling stomach, so quick that you didn’t even savored your food.  Rice and Beef Caldereta is one of your favorite and yet it did not satisfy you a bit. Your full attention is fixed in composition of a correspondence. Mind clouded of so many words, trying to grasp a sense of substantiality.   By the way that’s your lunch three o’clock in the afternoon.

To replenish from dehydrated environment you drink in a bottle of Gatorade (lime flavor). And sometimes pair it with a mug of hot Choco since coffee is not your thing. Two to three cups of water is enough due to your laziness to go to the pantry.

A memo attached in the CPU to remind you of your deadlines. Some are push pined to the corkboard nearby. Meeting at… submittal of… letter to… are words displayed right to your face.

Attached to the corkboard also is map of your country, color coded by its provinces, with pushpins for the places you’ve visited (29 out of 80). A quick turn to your right is a lifeline. A fleeting moment to daydream. This inspires you to work for a living and not living to work. An A4 size of colored paper is your representation of Life behind your desk. The icon of your survival to every day madness.

A day will never begin or end in your workplace. Even though 80 hours is fixed to work in addition sometimes to overtime, 44 hours of sleep, 12 hours of transportation to and from office, and 32 hours of waiting, shopping, buying groceries, watching movies/TV, doing the laundry, eating, climbing, and travelling, and so on for a total of 168 hours per week (for me). Just like life, it begins when you wake up alive and ends when you departed the earth that’s for sure. But for me, life begins when you’re enjoying and appreciating life itself. Even if you’re facing hard work for a living and trials in your personal life, a simple “thing” will always inspire us to go on and live life. Find your motivation!  If travelling is your way to appreciate the good in your existence then make it an inspiration to stay alive. By the way a piece of paper will never be the same again.


My Inspiration


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