Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Daily Prompt: Share the Love
Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Climbing mountain and wandering here in my own country is the main reason why I surf the net. And these people (I can’t acknowledge only one person, because piece by piece they complete the whole picture of influencing me) open my mind in the world of blogging by showing off their travels, stories and experiences and drive me to do it the same way or another. Therefore, blogging is the best (in addition to TV, radio, books, newspaper, etc.) platform (for free) for sharing your experiences and be an inspiration again to others. Also we can help in promoting our own tourist destination right! It’s more Fun in the Philippines 🙂 and I’m a proud Pinoy.


Pinoymountaineer.com – for providing so much information regarding mountain, itineraries and guidelines.
I also had my opportunity to climb with the author itself, Sir Gideon Lasco, in his Charity Climb last 2011 – Climb w/ me. Mt Ugo traverse



journeyingjames.com – for being an inspiration for a budget travel in the Philippines. By doing ISANGDAAN – AROUND THE PH in 100 DAYS: Backpacking Pinoy Blogger Chronicles Adventures, that makes me envy him and love him at the same time.



gailsfootprints.wordpress.com and nagbabasangpinoy.wordpress.com – for their thoughts and articles.


Daily Post for challenging me in a positive way, for encouragements, recommendations and opportunity as they challenge us to compose out of the box.

(please click the photos for their links)

And I’m still open and looking for bloggers who shares a part of them in the cyber world. Sharing their love and inspiration.


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