Don’t marry a girl who climbs mountain

This post may trend with  date a girl who climbs mountain and don’t date a girl who climbs mountain but I would like to take part in sharing my thoughts anyway. Please have patience to read about it and enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂

Don’t marry a girl who climbs mountain…

She might dream of having her wedding proposal on top of the highest mountain and you will surely deal on grueling trails just to indulge it for her.


Surprise Wedding Proposal at the peak at Mt Apo

Eventually after the proposal, she will fantasized exchanging vows in one of the summits around, but because she loved you and your family she will gave in to marrying you in any church you want, but deep in her heart she hopes so bad…


Don Bosco’s Chapel on the Hill


Mt Batulao at the back ~ Dian’s fave mountain

She will prepare long list of friends and friends from the mountain (mountaineers) to be part of her wedding that might overdrawn your wallet. And complete her entourage including her best climb buddies.


KIT-ONE and Friends
(other members are currently out of the Country)

She will bring the atmosphere of wilderness inside your reception venue. And maybe ask someone to perform ethnic song to entertain your guest.


She will even wear her hiking shoes matching her wedding gown. And ask if you could pair her up.


After your wedding, she might fancy her honeymoon in a secluded place thousands of meters above sea level inside a tent. But please bear with the freezing temperature. She will even laugh to see you having difficulty undressing your clothes.

She will ask you to reside away from the city and you will have to endure long hours of traffic from your office just to get home.

Don’t get surprised if your budget’s priority goes to travel expenses and groceries for trail foods – like energy bar, jelly ace and biscuits, wet tissues, butane, canned goods and Gatorade, in case of unexpected trip.

She might even push you to get insurance not for her sake but for the benefit of your family that will be left behind if you depart in God’s time. Her best motto goes – if you die, she die… since you will always be together, every time and everywhere and no question ask.

She will hopes for a baby/ies that she bring during your climb, maybe not younger than 4 years old. She will teach her to appreciate and enjoy nature in all possible way. But you have to carry her things while she carries your child.

She will be a mother of an achiever (she hopes) in the sports of triathlon, surfing and mountaineering. Or have a daughter/son who will travel all her life in exploring the wonders of nature. She will teach them one principle in life – to Love God in all aspect. By this they will love God’s creation and volunteer to protect it.

She will climb mountains even in her gray hair. She might ask someday in God’s will, when she leave earth she leaves with you while watching the sunset’s changing color that’s playing in the horizon, sitting in the peak of the mountain, holding your hand and her head on your shoulder.

Don’t marry a girl who climbs mountain, because her priority except for climbing (and traveling) is you as her climb buddy. She will love you for the rest of her life.

To Jhe… Thank you for marrying a girl who climbs mountains.


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