Daily Prompt: Escape!

Daily Prompt: Escape!
Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Quest to escape work for a week

Work obviously!  I escape work sometimes. Once a month for my climbing escapade for a day or two in a weekend and if holiday strikes my calendar surely I have my out-of-town trip scheduled. In fact I’m tied in a construction as an Architect- six days a week, minimum of regular 10 long hours in addition to overtime work. Monotonous yet challenging effort as I focus with the preparation of shop drawing prior to implementation and settling design issues.

Prior to this I have a long list of bucket list to cross out.  I will prepare itineraries and budget and search the net for tips and reviews then compare it based on my actual experience later on. And for my ultimate escape plan for this year, I plan to file a vacation leave (decent employee? *Grinning) for a week to enjoy my delayed honeymoon (newlywed last December) somewhere in Palawan, Philippines. I will not think anything associated to my work (I hope!) and will off my cellphones or not answer anyone related to work except my family but will focus to the beauty of Nature in front of me. I will enjoy the greeneries, the sun, sand and sunburn, the summits and culture awaits me.  At least for once, I escape reality of being a workaholic and a slave driver. I escaped working for a living and live a life that full of adventure even for a moment.

How will you escape work anyway?


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