Sagada private house

The credit for searching our accommodation goes to my brother-in-law (Jon Romero) and I’m in charge with reservation for our transportation to Sagada.

He’s dilemma while calling the long list of accommodation that can be searched through internet are the following:
–          Fully booked
–          Fully booked
–          And fully booked

A long distance call also cost a portion of his salary.
Until he found a private house adjacent to Sagada homestay c/o Ms. Karen

The house

A three story (with a basement) house that is comfortable and homey
At the first floor – foyer, living room, kitchen & dining area, laundry area, common toilet & bath and a shower room.
At the second floor- 4 bedrooms and balcony
And an attic – where we stay for 2 nights

You can use the kitchen and cook for your meal (we didn’t even try, lack of energy and time)
There is a water heater – both toilets
Our “attic” is not secured however (no door) but we didn’t encounter problems with securities for our things.
We had 6 single foam beds with 2 blankets each
And a window overlooking the small town and the vast of mountains as backdrop

Score: 10/10 for me

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