Quest for a REAL food in Sagada

Since we arrived in Sagada, we struggle for a REAL FOOD (my favorite word so far) – meaning a food that will click with my taste bud.

Our meal in Masfarre is affordable and typical.
We shared for 3 main dishes in our first late lunch and 3 dishes again in our dinner on the 1st day. This cost us P85-P95 per pax
And a Filipino breakfast meal in our 3rd day and cost us P130 per meal.

Masfarre was suggested by the travel bloggers (when you search the net) – is overrated in my opinion

We didn’t have the chance to try
Yoghurt House
Log Cabin

Next the Sagada Homestay (please think twice) were we ate our breakfast for the 2nd day and cost us P130 per meal.
The rice is unexplainable (sorry for the lack of words). But the coffee is free until 10:00 am 🙂

And finally, we try Alapo’s Kitchenette and thank God for it. The food is much tastier and appetizing.
I love the Sinigang and my family love their sisig and bicol express. The rice taste USUAL and REAL. This cost us P130-P140 per meal

Masfarre score: 7/10 thanks to the free ripe mango
Sagada homestay score: 5/10 thanks to the free coffee
Alapo’s Kitchenette Score: 9/10 missing point is for their service however


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