KIT-ONE and friends

After writing a post “Are you a mountaineer?” I was inspired of writing this story and tell the world how I loved my climb buddies and the people I meet along the trail.

To start… well KIT-ONE was founded March 2009 (at first we were Team Rockwell but change it to KIT-ONE). We were 7 from different company building one project – the One Rockwell Project in Makati.

The originals
Donald “Patrek or Direk” Belleza
Kyle “Kyla (for me) or Maida (daw)” Del Rosario
Diana Ruth “Yannah” Rostrata (now married to Jay-r Romero)
Ludette “Ludy” Banez

Rochelle “Chel” Bondad
Karen Mae “Ren” Enriquez

From JVF
Daryll “Ryl” Masing

Friends and members
Salvador “Badz” Abalos – JVF
Eros Castro – DATEM
Rolando Pulgo Jr – DATEM
Edgenson Ballaran – DATEM
Jay-r “Jhe” Romero – Dian’s boyfriend turned husband
Carlito “Pong” Solano – Eros’s friend
Ronnie Co – DATEM
Jay Batanes – DATEM
Joval Batanes – Jay’s brother
Rico Mocon – Pong’s friend
Ma Thessa Ivy Cruz – DATEM
Dilwyn Tingzon – Pong’s friend
Jennylyn “Jen” Deocareza – DATEM
Mylene “Mye” Mediavillo
Estella “Stels” Maniquis
Miya “Mia” de Villa

It’s been… 4 years since we started our first climb in Mt Sembrano then Manabu Peak and so on… We try to climb monthly since we were young, aggressive, adventurous, naïve, inexperience and stressed from our work.

In 2009, we conquered Mt Sembrano {Rizal} and tested our cheap tents. We hated waking up in Manabu peak {Laguna} since the sun slapped us directly in our face (either we wake-up late or the sun is excited to rise above us) but loved the sidetrip especially the trampoline part. We enjoyed our jump shot moment in Mt Batulao’s {Batangas} old trail campsite while I chill with fever. And delighted in our sidetrip to Nasugbu’s beach after Mt Batulao’s climb part 2. We swear not to climb Mt Tapulao {Zambales} again and endure its long and winding road but fall in love with the eerie feeling it brings when we had our emergency camp before we reached the bunker and the “twilight movie” set-up of the atmosphere (pine trees, cold weather and fog). We will never forget the 2 pack of pancit canton (raw) and one can of Vienna sausage we shared in the middle of the night in the middle of its trail as we descended. I probably not forget my attitude (stubbornness) when I decided to continue our Mt Cristobal {Quezon} open climb by myself and join newly-met mountaineers from the Freedom climb party. Our impromptu climb (me and Daryll) in Mt Batulao which we called Tambay mode, literally we spend our weekend in the mountain’s campsite doing nothing. And who will forget being lost in Pico de loro {Cavite} and praying to reach the road no matter what. Dealing heavy rain over a night trek; camping in a Kubo and setting-up the tent inside the Kubo because we are afraid of spiders; and forgetting the heavy rain outside while we enjoy a bottle of liquor. Our first water falls escapade as a group. My boyfriend turned husband’s first climb in Mt Sembrano {Rizal}, one of my scariest moments (because I’m responsible for him of course) as we night trek it after a typhoon and try to reach and camp in the summit (heavy wind and light rain). My first birthday climb held in Mt Daguldol {Batangas} – my birthday cake (red ribbon macapuno-ube flavor), halo-halo and beacheneering. Our year end Mt Taal {Batangas} climb. Then we extend our trip and stay in Tagaytay. A fruitful year indeed! As we embrace a life full of trials, hardship and triumph in conquering mountains.

In 2010, we started to conquer Mt Talamitan {Batangas} and irritated by hairy caterpillar inside our tents. Laugh about resting in the grounds and star gazing then it turned out that the field is full of cow sh**. We rested for months and I really appreciate it somehow. They realized that if they will schedule a climb I’ll definitely joined them even I’m in the middle of my PRC licensure board exam review. They waited but not too long because they set a climb on my 2nd day exam. So who will forget the day I finished supposed to be whole day licensure exam into half day just to catch-up with the climb in Mt Marami {Cavite}. I won’t and I will never regret it. Also this is Pong’s first climb and his turtle-look-a-like tent. How about our Gulugod Baboy {Batangas} climb – the “relief operation”. It’s funny how much food we brought for that climb, enjoyed playing tong-its and loved the five pesos Ice candy. When we climb the Mt Makiling {Laguna} Los Baños trail and irritated in a funny way by Jay for waking us up in the middle of the night by telling us “uuwi na ko…”  – he’s too drunk and we laugh about it the next day. Last but not the least for 2010 is my birthday climb again in Mt Pulag {Benguet} – by Trail Adventours (tour operator) which we were their first participants. Our first highest peak bucket list milestone.

Two years passed and we become more addicted to continue these escapades of ours even though we were separated by our work and schedule. Still we try  one climb each month as our goal.

In 2011, we are ambitious to conquer difficult trails than our usual easy-climb. We started in Tarak Ridge {Bataan} and we called it basagang-tuhod climb nevertheless we enjoyed it. Karen was lifted by the wind of Tarak well known ridge when we pass by – Rochelle’s favorite moment every time she tease Karen. Sleeping in a bus terminal while waiting for their first trip. Our first flight (mostly first timer in riding airplanes) prior to our climb to Mt Isarog {Camarines Sur} Panicuason trail. One of the best trips we had. We enjoyed Legaspi’s zip line and Mt Mayon as backdrop, visiting Daraga and its ruins, eating Bicol express and Laing, and lastly our superb adventure in Camsur as we try wakeboarding. We overcome Monkey Bridge in Mt Manalmon {Bulacan} and have our two peaks finally with Mt Gola {Bulacan}. Our first spelunking in Bayukbok cave. Then climbing Mt Maculot {Batangas} to rockies and traverse to Grotto, who didn’t enjoy the rappelling and eating Lomi. Climbing Mt Cristobal {Quezon} and joining Pahiyas festival (more energy-draining than the climb). Traveling in a tricycle kilometers away to catch up with the last bus trip going to Manila. Climbing Mt Tabayoc {Benguet} as an entry to freedom climb and exploring its lakes as sidetrip.  I recall that this climb was called snow white (me) and the seven dwarfs (including the guide). And I will never forget the concrete path from the camp site to the bus terminal as we catch-up (literally running) with its schedule or else we will walk miles and hours if we left behind. How about rolling Jen in Mt Balagbag {Bulacan}? Who will forget how Pong pick-up Jen from the grass like a small kitten and leaving the town without washing-up after a sweaty climb due to lack of public baths.

Mt Batulao couples climb, climb with Jhe’s officemate from sykes (2012) / smart (2013) and Mt Ugo {Nueva Vizcaya to Benguet} traverse by Gideon of Pinoy mountaineer (a charity climb) is not included since we did it as a couple but we were known as KIT-ONE nevertheless.

Our threesome climb in Mt Maculot (Jhe, Pong and me – as their guide).  And lastly for 2011, our Mt Balingkilat {Zambales} traverses to Anawangin climb.  One of our worst climb so far. I don’t even want to describe how it goes and @6$*&^*JB (cursing!) for conquering it! We may lack with preparation especially bringing of enough water (no water source along the way to Anawangin), or our ‘naïve and guessing’ guide for telling us “malapit na” million times and yet we finished it after long-sweaty-dehydrated-starved-14 hours of our lives. And the reward is one liter of soda each person and a cup of noodles.  And we will never forget the friendship we have even in our toughest climb. I thanked you guys for this experience, even it cost me back pain for the rest of my life, I’ll never regret it. I almost cry in the middle of the trail… almost. Anyway, we did it without any major injury, thanks GOD for keeping us safe. Who will forget the moment we collect rainwater in a raincoat, licking rain drops in the leaves and stone, eating toothpaste and raw pancit canton and cursing heavy backpack for conquering this mountain.

Ambitious climb for 2011 indeed! And now let me continue for the year 2012.

2012 is very special to my heart. We set our engagement session or pre-nup photo shoot in Mt Maculot (w/ Carlo Suarez) and Mt Manalmon (photo shoot with female sponsors). Jhe also proposed in Mt Apo  {Cotabato} (climb with Trail Adventours).

We climb Mt Kalisungan {Laguna} and deal with its muddy trail (first and last climb of Albert so far). And eat in Isdaan later on without a proper wash-up, muddy shorts and sweaty shirts. Climb Mt Damas {Tarlac} as an entry for Freedom climb with Mye, Stels and Miya (all female climb). Remembering a local when we asked where to find Tarlac’s specialty food  and lead us to Jollibee, toinks. For a life-threatening climb of Mt Makiling traverse that teach me how to accept death in a blink of an eye. And reminding me that I have a wedding to attend to in less than 3 months. For running Mt Pinatubo’s {Tarlac} trail even though we’re starving due to lack of proper meal for the whole day (our breakfast & lunch is one big cup of noodles).  And lastly, our Mt Pulag Akiki-Ambangeg trail as we climb it as husband and wife.

KIT-ONE shares a part of my life and will be part of my life for the rest of my life… 😀

Spell redundant… Anyway, I will always be grateful that a part of my journey in this lifetime was shared with these wonderful people. Let’s climb till we grow old… till our last strength… till our last breathe…

Kudos to us! for experiencing life, love, friendship and nature in its full glory.


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