Banaue- Sagada- Baguio Trip – preparation

March 27-30, 2013

Going to Sagada consist of different options (no direct route however)
1. Via Baguio then bus at Dangwa going to Sagada
2. Via Bontoc then bus/jeep/van going to Sagada
3. Via Banaue then bus/jeep/van going to Sagada; or bus/jeep/van going to Bontoc then Sagada

We opt for Banaue route to see the Rice Terraces before going to Sagada

For schedule and bus fare

My brother-in-law is responsible for reservation and since our trip is within Peak season, he encountered difficulties in reservation. Luckily, he reserved a room/s for 6 pax near Sagada homestay (a private house that is opened for transient).

See Sagada Private House in my next journal

Places to Visit:
Banaue – Rice Terraces
Sagada – Spelunking in Caves: Sumaguing and Cave connection; Bomod-ok Falls; Kiltepan Viewpoint; Eco tour (Hanging coffins and etc…); Marlboro country; Pongas Falls; Mt Ampacao; Lake Danum; Museums
Baguio – (plan) Food trip

See Banaue, Ifugao in my next journal
See Sagada Tour in my next journal
See Baguio side trip in my next journal

Planned Budget & Itinerary:
Day 0
P450 – Manila to Banaue bus

Day 1
P30 trike to Banaue terminal
P200/3 (6 pax div 2 trike) Banaue viewpoint
P100 breakfast
P150 Banaue to Bontoc
P50 Bontoc to Sagada
P150 Lunch
P400/pax guide fee + 400/6 for transpo Cave connection or Sumaguing cave
P150 dinner

Day 2
P600/6 guide fee + transpo (?) Marlboro country for sun rise & wild horses sight seeing
P100 breakfast
P600/6 guide fee + 650/6 transpo Pongas Falls
P600/6 guide fee + 500/6 transpo Bomod-ok Falls
P150 lunch
P1,200/6 day tour for Walking tour (eco tour) St Mary’s episcopal church, calvary hills, echo valley, hanging coffins, underground river & bokong small falls, sagada weaving, yoghurt house, etc…
P800/6 guide fee + 350/6 transpo to Mt Ampacao; 500/6 transpo for Sunset in Lake Danum
P200 dinner

Day 3
P200/6 guide fee + 500/6 transpo to sun rise in Kiltepan viewpoint
P100 breakfast
P220 Sagada to Baguio
P445 Baguio to Manila

P100 zip lining over Kapay-aw rice terraces
P800 rock climbing adventure at echo valley
P250 bonfire fest ticket (inclusive of transpo, buffet dinner and drinks)
P50 Rock farm orange picking entrance fee
P50/kilo orange
P20 shower in Sumaguing cave

Total P5,291.67 per pax for a group of 6

See my Actual Itinerary & Budget in my next journal

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