OSP Group – DATEM’s company outing / Team Building 2013

Yearly, we set for a company outing/team building not only to refresh ourselves from Daily Routine but to strengthen our camaraderie. This became our main goal.

The preparation is limited actually, at first, we visit sites for possible resort in Antipolo & Taytay – our Boss select adjacent town to minimize our time travel so Batangas and Laguna is a Big NO. Categories of choosing the right venue:
1. Within the Budget
2. Within the Budget
3. Within the Budget

Kidding aside: the budget, the travel time, size of the venue for activities, sleeping quarters, cooking space, etc… But because of limited budget, we didn’t consider the sleeping quarters since many of the participants will be heading home after midnight (like the Cinderella man).

Venue: Tropical Bali Resort, Hilltop, Taytay Rizal




Overall: Sir Monty & Sir JAA
Venue & Sound system: Mitch & Cherylin
Food: Cathy & Gleanne
Games: Dian, Jen, Karen Mae, Rochelle & Grace
Security: Joel, Ansel & Cj

Day 1
6:00 pm – arrival and opening prayer
6:30 pm – Opening Remarks (JAA)
7:00 pm – Dinner c/o TSG group (Dinner was served almost 10:00pm)
8:00 pm – Games / Swimming / Socials
11:00 pm – Snacks c/o Utilities/Warehouse/ Timekeeping group (from late dinner, we ended up Eat-till-you-can)
11:30 pm – Games / Swimming / Socials (the only game we played was the Pool Relay & Egg hunting)
2:00 am – Lights-off (3:00am- Lights of for me.)

The dinner was delayed due to delayed delivery of Gasul for cooking. Anyway, we enjoyed lots of litson & pancit from our guest contractor Megarube. Our menu was supposed to be CPA or Chicken Pork Adobo, but something happen to the Pork (nakulob sa byahe and it turn out to be smelly). We also cooked the Tahong thanks to Gleanne for being the main chef.

The most hateful part of this cooking preparation is after we finished taking-off the seed of Sili (Siling pangsigang) for our Dynamite menu (with giniling na pork & cheese inside then deep fry). My both hand hurts for the whole night as if it’s being burn. Someone suggested scrubbing it with sugar since the opposite of spicy is sweet, nothing happen and the pain is still there. I plunge it in an icy-water but a different pain occurs, I can’t even describe if the ice helps or worsen my situation. This really ends my enjoy-the-moment-mood for the night.


Day 2
7:30 am – Group Exercise (turned-out to be lipat-bahay or should I say lipat-resort moment, like carrying all our things to adjacent resort (same resort but it is called Phase 2 due to issues in reservation, brief: the owner mistake to reserve us for Sunday but when he check with their “main” schedule the venue is already reserve so he suggested to transfer us for the next day. For us not to waste our Reservation Fee; we agreed and carry-on with our plan).



8:00 am – Breakfast c/o Safety/ MEPF Operation group (thanks to the Safety Enforcer who cooked for us and to Dino for his scrambled egg)
9:00 am – Swimming /Free time (I left by 10:00 am, and they continue enjoying the pool)

10:00 am – Games / Socials
12:00 pm – Lunch c/o Arch’l & Struc’l Operation group
1:00 pm – Games / Socials
3:00 pm – Snacks c/o Commercial/QAQC Group
4:30 pm – Closing Remark

The Menu:
Day 1/ Dinner
Chicken & Pork Adobo
Inihaw na Isda (Tilapia, Bangus, etc)

Day 1/ Snacks
Fish cracker
Boy bawang, etc
Hotdog & Barbeque

Day 2/ Breakfast
Daing, Scrambled Egg, Hotdog
Day 2/ Lunch
Tahong (w/ sotanghon, w/ cheese)
Inihaw na Liempo at Isda
Pulang itlog, kamatis, sibuyas, talong, mangga, bagoong
Kinilaw na Bangus c/o Sir Joel

Day 2/ Snacks
Sopas, etc.

Mineral water, Soft drinks, Juice, Beer
Coffee, Milo

Banana, Watermelon, Manga, etc

The Games:
(night) Location
1. Pool relay – 4 groups with 6 participants each group – Pool
2. Dive that coin – 10 participants – Pool
3. Egg hunting (30 mins) – all – Within the Resort
4. Paper dance – 20 participants (pair) – Main Entrance
5. Trip to Jerusalem (Boys edition) – 21 participants – Main Entrance
6. Trip to Jerusalem (Girls edition) – 21 participants – Main Entrance
7. Pass that Calamansi – 4 groups with 6 participants each group – Main Entrance
8. Polvoron eating contest – 10 participants – Main Entrance
9. Foot long eating contest – 10 participants – Main Entrance
10. Drinking contest – 12 participants – Main Entrance

(day) Location
1. Paper dance – 20 participants (pair) – Pavilion
2. Balloon game (single edition) – 10 participants – Pavilion
3. Sack Race – 4 groups with 3 participants each group – Pavilion
4. Centipede race – 4 groups with 5 participants each group – Pavilion
5. Egg Catching – 6 participants (pair) – Pavilion
6. Balloon game (group edition) – 4 groups/ 5 participants – Pavilion
7. Videoke contest – 6 participants – Pavilion

For the games, we informed everyone that if somebody passed a game he/she will be fine P200/game. Calling of Game participant is based on (palabunutan) picking their names, the boys will be separate to girls but the gays will joined the girl’s names (just like what they wanted too). We earned P600 for the not-ready / I’m-sick / missing-in-action players and used it afterwards for the prizes.

The Pool relay started and luckily we won – Group 3 won. Even though our Safety Head thought I’m going to drown (since I don’t know how to swim).

The next games are Egg Hunting, we searched the whole place and even the plants were scrutinized for the Egg (with a chocolate or money inside as a prize). And I got 6 Eggs (all chocolate).

And the games were ended. Some enjoy the pool, some dance like crazy in front of a videoke machine, some sing as if there’s no tomorrow, some enjoy the beer, and me – not in the mood to enjoy since my hands are still sore. Different scenes were revealed on that night, well… I’m not going to tell. Its sensitive and I don’t want the MTRCB knocking on my doorstep any minute.

In conclusion:
1. Never ever touch the Sili with your bare hands
2. Bring Megaphone since nobody will be listening to you when their drunk
3. Enjoy and Have fun, but don’t let the alcohol reach your brain… let it stay in your stomach (ang Alak wag dalhin sa utak dapat sa tyan lang) so nobody will be harassed.



2 thoughts on “OSP Group – DATEM’s company outing / Team Building 2013

    • initially, here’s their number 0926-7174315 look for Mhel.
      i will look for their brochures also and attached here as soon as possible…
      thank you for dropping by 😀

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