Batulao for Beginners

Why Batulao is famous for the Beginners?
1. Cost – less than P300
Transportation is only P116 from Pasay to Evercrest (as of to date)
Option : Tricycle ride P10 one way
Option : Guide fee (varies) but most commonly, I pay them P300 (group)
Halo-halo worth P25
Buko worth P30
Mountain Dew worth P25
“Paligo” or wash-up worth P20-P25

2. Accessibility
One ride from Pasay (bound to Nasugbu via Tagaytay) up to Evercrest. From Evercrest you can start walking up to jump-off or ride a tricycle. Every time I climb it, I prefer walking since it’s a walking distance (hehe) everything is a walking distance here.

3. The Climb
Mt Batulao is a minor climb. The trail looks difficult than Mt. Maculot & Mt. Talamitam (from my point of view). But looking at the mountain and seeing its trail gives you adrenaline to conquer it and reach for its summit. This mountain is open grass with few trees along the way (mostly in the Old trail). There is this point that you will see the vastness of its mountain and you can recap your trail, this gives you contentment and pride. You conquered Mt. Batulao! Yeah!

What to expect and what to bring
A lesson learned from experience: Never ever underestimate the mountain – that’s for sure! Since I climbed it several times –I did not prepare much for my latest climb (wrong move). Reminder:

1. Jacket
Always bring a jacket (prefer water resistant) – since its summer I haven’t thought to bring one, a mistake that will never repeat again. The bus is cold and outside is freezing (we reached Mendez by 10:30-11:00pm). Once we started our trek passing the village before the jump-off the rain falls. Thanks to my umbrella, but umbrella is not suitable when you’re in the trail towards New Trail Campsite, Summit & Old trail Campsite. Luckily, the rain stops when we started our New trail. But when we arrived in the summit and finished our lunch, a heavy fog covers us with light rain – super freaking cold especially when you wear a cotton shirt that’s for sure. Again, always bring a JACKET even if its summer season already.

2. Sandals or Shoes
If you prefer sandals like Tribu or Sandugo or other brand then go ahead. But bring band aid and first aid kit for bruises and ‘paltos’ from the straps.
But I prefer shoes – especially trekking/hiking shoes (I tried Hi-tech , World Balance & Teva). For me wearing shoes is more appropriate; it’s comfortable for a long distance walk, it secure you from rocks and it helps you in balance & minimize slippery.
Crocs are a no-no! I experienced twice already that our guest (my husband’s colleague) wear crocs and end up in bare foot and the other one luckily wear my husband’s extra slippers.

3. Clothes
Wear comfortable & light clothes for trekking like jogging pants (light weight not the PE jogging type pants) and dry fit/cotton shirt for male; leggings & shorts/ jogging pants and dry fit/cotton shirt for female. Never a Denim/Cargo pants. You can wear light long sleeve for protect you from the sun or warmer (a sleeve most commonly wear by tricycle & pedicab driver).

4. Rain coat or Poncho or Jacket
Always bring a rain coat to save you from being a ‘basang sisiw’. There are available light rain coat in coleman and other outdoor shops. Umbrella again is not applicable in the trail due to heavy wind (you might lost your balance). Or if you have water resistant jacket much better.

5. Bag
Knapsack or Bag pack is advised. No hand carries so you can use your both hands in the trail like holding rocks & grass.

6. Water
Vary based on your consumption but minimum of 1.5 litters for trail water.

7. Trail food
Again, vary based on your taste – chocolate, energy bar, nuts, raisins, jelly ace, etc.

8. Others
a. clean clothes for change outfit after wash-up
b. toiletries like soap, deo, etc
c. personal medicine & kit
d. camera
e. cash

Also always remember this…
Take Nothing but Pictures
Leave Nothing but Footprints
Kill Nothing but Time


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