Let’s face the truth.  In life frustration is always present.
Frustration in Physical look
Frustration in Work
Frustration to travel


I observed that when I’m frustrated with how I look, I change my hair or buy new clothes/shoes/bags that will make me feel alright – for a while. Thinking of it I only wasted money in material things that will be junk in my closet after a few days. These expenses should go directly to my Savings for my future errands – like out-of-town trip (hehe)

And now, I don’t have any excuses since my hair is already short. No other alternatives since haircut cost P50-P100 plus tip to the hair dresser. I’m not fond in Facial since my tolerance is very mild and I cannot tolerate the pricking. I’m waiting for Discounts and Sale promo before I schedule with the derma. I’m not also fond with coloring my nails, lucky me… What else?

The only way to ease this Physical frustration for today is to buy…
Sale Tribal Jacket commonly worth less than P1000
Cute bag – Backpack, Travelling bag, Shoulder bag or Belt bag
Comfortable shoes like Merrell (not an option… to expensive) or World Balance
Kikay shoes like Shubbiz
Dress from St. Francis Square or Genevieve Gozum
Pants from Bench worth P500 when on sale

Listing this items make me frustrated with MONEY, so many things to buy, so little of money on-hand.

But wait… there’s more…


Stress and frustrations is always present in a construction site. As a leader in my department which focuses in drawing preparation prior to implementation, I have to be the first to see the discrepancy of drawings, lack of information and catching-up with the submittals. But ONE ’me’ is not enough to see all the details in Basement, Retail and Residential Area; as well with the Structural, Architectural and MEPF aspect of the project.

You have to be familiar with all the drawings and details, all the comments by the consultants, all the instruction by the owner. One terabyte of memory is not enough… You have to be flexible not only in physical aspect as well with your intellectual state. Sometimes you are focus with one item (for example – architectural), in a minute somebody is asking you for a structural detail and next is MEPF solutions with the clashing in the consolidated drawing. Another will ask you regarding the basement finish, and next is the retail ID details afterwards the Residential spread elevation, finally for the landscape drawing. Flexibility to cope up…

What more exciting is when you justify your concerns with the designer/owner especially when the drawings on-hand is not enough? Discussions, explanation, drawing, sketching, chatting, shouting and finally the issue are still an issue. This makes my day… I really love Thursday!

Writing letter is never been so much fun in our project. Period.

Anyway let’s go back to my topic… frustrations…  I get frustrated when catching-up the shop drawing submittals then a revision will be transmitted to us eventually. Meaning, the previous submittal will be RESUBMIT again. My…my…talking about tight schedule and November completion. I think that’s the only frustration I have. As of to date (wink!)

Physical and Work frustrations pushes me to go for a quick mountain climb adventure. This surely the best solution to ease all frustrations and stress I have. Trees, fresh air and green environment surely a winner! Thank God for creating wonderful place to hibernate for a while. Thinking of this makes me crave for a muddy trail, grass scent, sun gleam in my skin, and worn-out muscle due to long trekking. This makes me frustrated with TIME. So much places to see, so much little time to spare.


Speaking of little time available for travel makes me frustrated to travel more. I have a bench mark last 2011. Each month I climb mountain and I have out-of-town trips. Every Month! How come today or rather this year, 2 months already expired and a single climb did not take place. Luckily I have our Baler trip (my first Surf) and a Hot Air Balloon Festival that makes my life endurable.

I positively think that I’m one of the people in this world that will surely die when the mountain, forest, beach and travelling is banned. I can barely think that a month will pass by without enjoying the nature. Ah! This makes me frustrated (as of now), I’m thinking of beach… the sand, the sun and the swim suits; the salt water, the boat and the goggles; and the star fish, the corals and the fish. Common… summer is here… frustrations… frustrations… and a lot more frustrations.

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