SAL – statement of assets & liabilities

Care for reality check? try this…

Personal Statement of assets and liabilities


Personal properties
House & Lot P
Car P
Jewelry P
Furniture P
Others (like gadgets, etc.) P
Savings & Investments
Cash on hand P
Cash in bank P
Receivables (other source of income) P
Bank investment P
Government securities P
Mutual fund P
Educational plan P
Memorial plan P
Life insurance plan P
Others P
Retirement savings
Pension fund investment P
Others P


Personal debt
Credit card bill P
Bank loans P
Housing loan P
Appliance loan P
Others loan P
Payables P
Monthly utilities P
Investment debt
Pension fund premiums P

Asset – Liabilities = Total Net Worth

* For assets, present current market value.
* For insurances, present Cash surrender Value for Insurance
* Depreciation = price divided by useful life
Ex. P10,000 (price) / 10 years (useful life) = 1,000 depreciation per year
If you used it for 3 years. 10,000 – 3,000 = 7,000 market value

What is your Net Worth today?


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