Know-how surf-ing

As I recall my previous adventure in Baler, I need to record it for future reference 😛

Rails – The sides of the surfboard.
Fins – Protruding objects on the bottom of the board.
Leash – A cord that attach to your ankle and to the surfboard.
Tail – The back end of the surfboard where the fins and leash are located.
Nose – The top part of the surfboard, opposite the tail.
Pop up – When you go from a flat position to a standing up position in surfing.
Stoked – Very happy.

1. The person who is on the wave first has the right of way. Exception is if you will ride it in the opposite direction
2. The person who is closer to where the wave is breaking has the right of way
3. Get out of the way of the person who is on the wave – FOR YOU OWN SAFETY as well

Getting Ready
1. The instructor (He) will first discuss the position on the sand.
– Lying face down, straight and your toe touches the end of the board.
– He will say “ready”, and you will bend your right foot (what you prefer) and pull your both hands in the rail parallel to your chest. Then you will push yourself up like push-up position.
– You will pop up like jumping in fast mode, letting your right foot behind (tail) your left foot in front of you. Your left foot should be perpendicular to the board – to help you balance. I practice many times in this position so that I may be able to apply it in best as I could.
– You will balance yourself on the board; Bend your knees; bend a little to the back.
– There are two standing position, I forget the terms hehe… One facing on the left and the other facing on the right. I preferred facing to the right, and in this position your right foot is left behind and the leash will be attached to this.
2. When you’re ready, your He will bring you to a shallow portion with shallow waves – that is intended for beginners. He mentions that you will ride whitewater.
3. He will help you without you forcing strength in paddling. I remember he didn’t teach me to paddle… toinks!
4. As you welcome the waves, you should hold on to the rails. Sometimes the waves are too cruel to hurt your chest.
5. He will position you facing the shoreline after he selected the wave for you to surf. When the waves come near you, he will shout ‘ready’ and you will prepare yourself.
6. When you feel the waves and your readiness, you will pop up eventually. Balance is the key & proper position to the board.

Actually I don’t know how to swim but since you are surfing in shallow portion, all my fears fly away… and thanks to my instructor – for everything.

Wiping out
1. Butt first not head – since you are surfing in a shallow portion you don’t want to get unconscious afterward.
2. When you resurface try to protect your head by your arms – you don’t want to bump with your board or other surfer’s board.
3. When you know that you will fall, jump away from the board.
4. Stay calm on the water since you will emerge any moment
5. Get your board quickly – to eliminate accident with other surfers; or you getting hurt by your leash

Am I ready for my next surf?! Till then…

Are you ready to try?


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