Baler’s Tour

Upon Arrival in Baler, we have our breakfast (Arroz Caldo w/ Egg) in the Public Market. We ride a tricycle to Sabang afterwards (P15 per head). And we left our bags in Bay’s Inn since the check-in time is 2:00 pm. In front of Bay’s Inn is the tricycle terminal for Local and Long Distance Tour.

The P800 tour includes


We negotiate the tour up to P600 since we will do it without Ampere beach (best for Sunrise), Charlies point (Surfing) & Caunayan Falls.

We started our trip 7:00 am. First we proceed to Ditumabo Falls also known as Mother Falls for 45 mins tricycle ride. Upon arrival, you will have to register (no entrance fee, only donations for maintenance purpose of the area).  There is P10 parking fee for tricycle and P20 for van. We trek it for 30 minutes passing stream and mini falls until we reach the Mother falls.






We descend back.

The road to Ditumabo Falls is very rough, so we are hoping to surpass this without delay. But unfortunately, the tricycle got flat tire caused by a nail in the rocky road. We walk half way down to the main road. And have a sidetrip to the vulcanizing shop.

We continue our trip by 10:30 am and proceed to Balete Tree. Again, you have to register (no entrance fee, only donations for maintenance purpose of the area).



I’m not afraid of height (sometimes), but climbing a hundreds of year old Balete tree made a chill on my spine and knee. Thanks for a young local assisting me every step of the way up. And yes… climbing Balete Tree is more fun in the Philippines.

My only sentiment is that, I hope climbing it will not damage it in the end.

Since it’s already lunch time, we proceed to Gerry Shan’s Restaurant. Along the way we pass by the arch of Baler.


Gerry Shan’s offer Eat-all-you-can meal for only P185 per pax. Since I am already starving, I forget to have a photo of the buffet table… hehe. It offers a wide variety of dishes and its super sulit!!! See my plate =P



By 1:00 pm we continue our trip to Diguisit Falls.





I hope that the LGU should see this. Or maybe visit the area to see if their ordinance is being complied.

To Cemento Cobra Reef. Unfortunately, it is high tide so we cannot proceed near it.


To Ermita Hill. A higher ground that can accommodate the whole town in case of a tsunami.





Back to town plaza, and proceed to Quezon House



Finally, to Museo de Baler.



Before we head back to Bay’s Inn, we asked the tricycle driver for a souvenir shop.

Upon arrival to our lodge, we decide to take a nap and continue later (see the beach). But when we wake up, it’s already 7pm and time for dinner. We ate at Bay’s Inn Restaurant and enjoy its free wifi. During our visit, the atmosphere is really cold and we can’t find some strength to remain outside.

3 thoughts on “Baler’s Tour

  1. Hi Diana! Would you believe that a church friend referred me to your blog after asking him for info on about my planned trip to Baler? 🙂 Sikat ka na! Hehe!

    Kaya lang medyo nahirapan ako mag-hanap ng info about Baler sa blog mo. Wala kasing “Search” bar. 😉 Paki-activate naman yung “Search” widget mo please? 🙂

  2. thank you!!! especially the “sikat” thing hehe… heartwarming 😀
    maybe I knew your church friend?

    Thank you din for informing me the Search widget, using it slip out my mind 😛 thank you for the reminder hehe… hope you enjoy your trip….

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