Baler’s Surfing Lesson

Day 2 of our Baler Trip. Before breakfast, we walk in the shoreline and observe some surfer & enjoy the view. We plan to have a surfing lesson since we are already here in Baler.

After a heavy breakfast – we upgraded our complimentary breakfast to buffet (as we plan to cut our cost and make it a onetime meal BRUCH = breakfast & lunch), we register to Baler’ Surf (in front of Bay’s Inn Restaurant)

Baler Surf lessons, rentals and tours
Surf Lesson
P350 – private surfing includes 1 hr one-on-one surf instructor, surfboard, rashguard, sunblock and bottled water
P450 – private surfing + snack & drinks
P800 – group surfing + snack includes 2 hr one-on-one surf instructor, surfboard, rashguard, sunblock and snack w/ drinks (group of 10 up)

Surf tour
P800 half day tour – itinerary:  cemento reef/charlies point, tricycle service, snack w/ drinks for 2 pax (For 2 pax w/ own equipment)
P1,500 whole day tour – itinerary: cemento reef/charlies point/lobbot point, tricycle service, packed lunch & snack w/ drinks for 2 pax (For 2 pax w/ own equipment)

Rentals (1 hr )
P150 – Boogie board
P150 – Skimboard
P200 – Surfboard
P200 – Skateboard


At first, I’m scared with the waves since I experience already being drowned in my hometown (Iba Zambales). But I have to remind myself that the main purpose of our Baler Trip is to experience surfing… I have to conquer my fear.

Luckily, my surfing instructor is very kind and friendly (name: jr). He edify first the steps from resting position toward the preparation to stand until you stand and balance yourself in the board. When he thinks that I got the idea, we proceed on the way to the shallow portion (its high tide so there is this portion where newbie’s gather). My husband has his own instructor.


My surfing instructor

I placed myself and have my balance with the surfboard and then we welcome the waves. The waves are harsh enough to makes us roll, even though my instructor is assisting me and holding the back portion of the board. My First attempt – not successful. Second attempt – I slip my feet from the board, again… not successful. Third attempt – SUCCESS…whoa!!  My instructor mentions that I did a LONG RIDE 🙂 and the succeeding ride is successful. Although when I arrived in the shallow portion, few meters from shore, I tumble and hit by the waves… it’s still a success because I manage to stand and balance on the surf board.


Me and Surfboard (almost half of its height)

My instructor chooses the waves so 6 out of 8 are successful rides. And most of it are long rides.

Surfing is fun and free and daring. You have your own world. You control it when you’re in top of the waves and ride with them freely. I think I fall in love with surfing 😉

Although I have lots of body pain; every inch of my body is aching already due to the waves. And I have a scratched skin in my knee because of the friction it gets when preparing to stand in the board. One time when I fall down my swimsuit (top) warp and exposed my ‘skin’, luckily I was wearing a rash guard.

However the pain will not overwhelm the joy I had in my first surfing experience.
Our next goal: try to surf in siargao, la union and zambales.


After our surfing lesson, we wash-up and prepare for check-out. Since we don’t have anything to do (our budget & time is already limited), we head back to town. We went to Pasalubong Center (we have been looking a souvenir shop yesterday and this place is the answer, yet our tricycle driver didn’t know this place). We bought some keychain, ref magnet and snacks before we proceed to Bus Terminal. Since it’s already lunch, the 10:30 am trip of Genesis is already gone and we don’t have any reservation with Joy Bus (worth P700). So we grab the chance in Aurora Transport Bus going to Cabanatuan (almost 3 hr & 30 mins) and ES Transport bus going to Cubao (2 hr & 30 mins).

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