Summary of our wedding supplier (part 2)

Wedding day: 12-13-12
Time: 2:00 pm

Fresh minds Digital photography – Photo & Video
Contact Ms. Connie 0917-5117440
Package: 33,000 + 2,500 (HD) inclusions of 1 Photographers, 1 Videographer, 40 pgs. 8R(8”x10”) storybook style & scratch proof (in leather album), 2 pcs.edited DVD (mtv style) Free: 16×20 blow-up with frame, special sign frame, 2×5 ft. tarpaulin, pre-nuptial pictorial, thank you cards, copy of all pictures in CD/DVD, master copy of video in DVD

(7 star for the photographer) – The works of Freshminds Photography is excellent, but I have my own sentiment with my photographer. I know that I’m not pretty but I am photogenic if I may say soJ.  Prior to our photo shoot, we prepare pegs of poses that we wish to have. The photographer is very much willing in our request and asks us if he could have the copy of our pegs (maybe for his future photo shoots). The downfall is he didn’t know where to capture my angle :(. I have a cleft lips in my left side which will never be erased or modify by make-up and most of his shoots is in my left side. That’s the scenario of my engagement session with him. To be fair 4 out of 10 shots is good-looking photos (based on my opinion).

I requested to have a different photographer in my wedding so that we will have new chances of good photos. Please understand that this is a one-time event and we are hoping for a long lasting good quality and qualified photos based on our own taste. But there policy is pre-nup photographer will be the same as wedding photographer.

In our wedding day, again we prepare pegs but this time we only have limited poses. Unluckily, after the wedding, a light rain fall that hindered our pictorial.  Upon arrival in the reception area, he tired to have some of our pegs but the shots are not good enough.

I did not write this to say bad words to the photographer but to be his lesson for his future clients. He must understand each client. It is not always point and shoot, but you have to see the beauty of your client.

Fresh minds Digital photography – Photo booth
Package: 5,000 (discounted) inclusions of 3 hours of Unlimited Prints (4R), 2 or 3 Onsite Technicians,
Personalized Layout, Customized Backdrop, Free Use of Props

(8 star) – 5,000 for 43 shots in my case. The backdrop is well done and based on our requirement. The downfall is I don’t know if the location of my booth is not clearly seen by my guest or some of my guest are not fond with photo booth (half of my guest don’t have print)

Fresh minds Digital photography – Make-up
Package: 7,500 (discounted) inclusions of (Traditional Package) Bride+Groom, Plus 2 Heads, 2 Flower Girls, FREE: Trial Make Up

(4 star) – For my free trial makeup which was used in my e-session. I have a head injury prior to our schedule. So I arrived with a stitch and bandage. They put a hair extension but did not try to cover-up my bandage. In my pre-nup photos you will surely see a white bandage. After the formal attire, I request to the makeup artist who assist us in the pre-nup area to take it off and cover my bandage.

(9 star) – For the wedding makeup. It is superb. I look good in my wedding day J

ZRM events management services – OTD Coordinator
Package: 10,000

(9 star) – Management is good. But sometimes, she should sit down and conceptualize the bride’s request. Example: walking in the stair instead of bringing the car in the driveway of the chapel; Coordination with the bridal car because of the ribbons & flower arrangement. But the rest is okay.  I enjoy my wedding day because they managed it well.

Madel’s Cuisine – catering + LCD projector
Package: 67,250 + 1,500 (LCD)

(9 star) – For the food. It is delicious and on-time.
(8 star) – For the decorations

Madel’s Cuisine – tents (other supplier)
Package: 4,200

(8 star) – For the tent but (5 star) for the service. The removal of tent was late and the schedule preparation of the next couple was delay. Sorry about that.

Hearts & Bells cake artistry inc – cake
Package: 8,000

(9 star) – For the decorations based on our request.

Angel Touch Flowers & Style – flowers
Package: 17,500 inclusions of

(8 star) – For the Entourage flowers
(5 star) – For the Brides Bouquet
(7 star) – For the Bridal car decorations
(5 star) – For the Ceremony decorations

Some of my requested designs and flowers were not present especially the flowers along the stair, the arch on the main entrance and the candles along the aisle.

Package: 4,624

(7 star) – For the church songs

emcee (suggested by ZRM)
Package: 3,500

(9 star) – For being a good host & singer

Audio Forge
Package: 10,000

(8 star) – For sounds and lights. There was a little delay in the AVP (maybe not compatible with the wires or laptop)

bridal car (suggested by ZRM)
Package: 3,500

(9 star) – For being a good looking bridal car J


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